Yall Hands, Austin

TL;DR — The best AllHands I ever attended both professionally and personally.

This December I got opportunity to attended Mozilla All hands Austin with AMO team. Caitlin (AMO community manager) invited three people (/me, @iamVP7, @isantoshv) from India to join AMO team at All Hands.
 All hands started with plenary session and I can still feel the energy of it. It was all about Quantam, the humongous stats were all over. Quantam for sure has been the best version we shipped lately. Chris Beard, Mark Mayo, Nick shared the story and upcoming plans for Firefox.
 We joined our team next day, the team was filled with energy obviously, AMO team has worked hard to keep up the user migration from legacy addons to webextensions. I have been involved with Frontend team for addons.mozilla.org and have been pushing codes to AMO frontend repo, there I got opportunity to discuss plans and progress with Stuart.
 I presented the case study how we are taking legacy addons migration for users and developers. I discussed the case where I took twitter to reach out all negative sentiment tweets about legacy addons and how I converted them to happy Firefox user. We started leagcy-adaptathon with an aim to ensure smooth legacy addon migration for both addon-developers and end users. In addition I presented Measure-It.
 We also had a meeting with community team to improve get started with webextensions campus activity. We shared our experiences of having various events in India.
 Then came the moment, while attending Firefox plenary, Complete addon team was called up on the stage including the volunteers (YES FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I WAS ON PLENARY STAGE), and every one in the room gave us STANDING OVATION. Every sleepless night, every wasted weekend, every odd hour meeting, erery effort I had put in last year was made worthy in that single moment. Now I have the best answer to “Why you contribute to Mozilla”.
 Side Note : I mentioned in first line ‘personally’ — I attended this AllHands with my wife ;)

Originally published at Trishul Goel.