Curing Our Slack Addiction
Dave Teare

Dave this is a great post. I think we all know that a tool can’t solve communications problem, but the allure of the coolest new tool on the block is just too tempting for geeks like us.

There is a temptation to blame Slack for all this, and I’ve certainly been guilty of jumping on the anti Slack bandwagon, but the reality is a lot more complex.

Reading through your post one thing hit me, why couldn’t Slack write back to apps too? When a bug is reported shouldn’t Slack be able to post to Jira? Shouldn’t new info be able to be written to a wiki? If a question has been asked before or is in the wiki, shouldn’t Slack go find it?

This leads me to think that the best communications tools need to receive info from other places and send it back out too. Beyond Slack’s predilection for channel bloat, its desire to be the ever-growing info repository makes the problem even worse. I did read that threaded comments/discussion is coming to Slack, but that alone isn’t going fix the real communications problems it causes.

I’d like to hear how you do with Basecamp, I’ve been thinking about giving it another go myself.

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