Great post Tris.
Will Perry

Thank you Will. Yes, absolutely patience is essential. Content marketing isn’t a quick fix. Yes, your site traffic will increase if you consistently post 3–5 times a week, but you won’t really get traction until you do if for months.

It is a lot of work, and sometimes if you’re honest with yourself (and given enough time, at least 9 months), it might not be right for your audience.

That said there is so much more to content marketing than people think. I consider getting team leads to post on LinkedIn a part of CM. Sales sharing interesting links and info with prospects is content marketing.

I’ve learned in the past couple years that the more broadly you define content marketing, the more successful you’ll be. Don’t want to blog, but love webinars. Cool.

Screencast walkthroughs of your product are your jam? Awesome.

Hey and most of all it has to be fun too.

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