Conducting an employment interview is a difficult and stressful endeavor for all parties involved. The interviewer is looking for the most skilled and adequate addition to the company, whereas the candidate is striving to make the best possible impression, while presenting their unique talents and traits.

In today’s competitive business environment, the composition and organization of a team are essential for the company’s success. Therefore, you as the manager must ensure that every new member brought into the enterprise is willing and able to perform their duties and bring their contribution to its overall accomplishment. But, no matter how much…


In recent years, the business environment has become increasingly aware of how important it is for their employees to achieve a high level of satisfaction. This translates into the quality of the work they perform, their willingness to stay within the company for a long period of time and the overall added value they bring to the business. Incentives, benefits and job perks stimulate and inspire staff members to give their all or prospective candidates to want to join the firm, thus drawing top talent into the company and augmenting its chances of success.

Needles to say that, although everyone…


After getting that breakthrough idea or creating an exceptional product or service on your own, it’s finally time to lay the foundations of your company. And for that, you will probably need people around to carry the load together and aid in your success.

However, finding the right people for you and your business might prove to be a bit of a challenge. First of all, because any startup is dealing with financial difficulties, therefore funds available for recruitment and salaries might be scarce. Secondly, because they must match your corporate culture and professional ideals. …


Most people think of creativity as something obscure, mysterious and elitist, which comes as a gift to a few lucky ones who somehow manage to come up with all sorts of ideas and novel solutions to old and complicated problems. Like charisma or social skills, it is believed that you either have it or you don’t, it is innate and a privilege, and there’s no way to acquire or learn such a trait. But is this the truth or only a myth?

You can learn it, you can teach it


The Internet and social media are here to stay. Whether it’s with the aid of one platform or another, everyone wants and needs to stay connected and aware of what is happening around them, therefore they will always be a great medium for marketing and advertising opportunities.

Companies should constantly strive to and invest in creating a great business, serve more people in a proper manner and bring value to the industry. …


Most companies have encouraged or facilitated their employees to work from home, in light of the new circumstances and conditions that we must become accustomed with. And although advantages are numerous (no commute time, less office distractions, more personal satisfaction, increased independence, cost savings), there is a phenomenon which threatens to cut the joy from this experience and turn it into a kind of ordeal or misery.

Unexpectedly, remote work seems to trigger feelings of guilt in workers, thus determining them to fall into the trap of having negative feelings about themselves and their work, doubting their own performance or…


Be it from a personal, professional, educational, social, economic or technological perspective, almost anyone you ask how 2020 was for them will most likely not speak in favorable terms about this year which brought unprecedented changes and challenges for the entire world.

Things were definitely bad. We definitely cannot change what went wrong in the previous months and complaining will not get us anywhere either, so it’s time to look back and see what we can learn from everything that unfolded and how we can use those revelations to guide us in the future.

We know, it’s hard work finding…


Most entrepreneurs are ready and eager to start a better year, with less challenges to their employees’ health and their companies’ wealth, thus refocusing their activity and strategies so as to reach their financial goals.

By reflecting on the past and learning from it, then analyzing the present and using it for shaping the future, we can close the gap between where the business stands today and where we would like it to be. Setting goals and a general program will reduce stress and direct all tasks toward controlling and expanding the company’s finances.

Here are a few tips for…


Although the world had evolved in recent history, with regard to the way in which women are regarded at the workplace, in society and in the business world in general, the truth is that many achievements only exist on papers and in surveys, and part of the story is that women still face numerous and various challenges compared to their male counterparts.

Low in numbers, strong in attitude


A good online presence is essential for any business or entrepreneur. The more people get to see and interact with your pages, advertisements and content, the more attention and potential customers you attract.

However, although having followers is nice and flattering, if they do not turn into real clients, then your investments and efforts might have been futile in terms of sales and profit.

The year 2020 has taught us the importance of online marketing and a strong Internet presence, as well as the fact that we have to be prepared for anything. …

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