50 User profile page — Design Inspiration

Very nice of you to put this collection together.

However, I noticed something between almost all of these designs that absolutely drives me nuts. Some of the typeface in the designs have a contrast and size that are just ridiculous. Not enough contrast, and WAY too small to be accessible enough for everyone to read. This is not design for the user’s sake, it’s design for design’s sake….because designers think it’s more pretty / clean.

I am 29 years old, my vision is great, and I’m a native English speaker. If even I have a hard time reading the tiny little font people are using as button labels / links / etc, then how can we expect people with bad vision to be able to clearly & easily read what is necessary to access these apps? Seriously, it’s getting annoying, designers. Stop with the super small font sizes and weights, and the low-contrast ratio type. Please.