An Updated Collection of the Best Data Science Books You Should Read Right Now

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Data and Artificial Intelligence continue to steal the limelight in LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, citing Artificial Intelligence Specialists and Data Scientists as the Top 1 and 3 emerging jobs in the U.S., respectively.

With companies realizing the value of data beyond the hype, we can expect to see Data Science and AI jobs postings and salaries keep rising in 2021.

Regardless of your background or skill level, data science professionals and enthusiasts-alike all need to keep sharpening the saw. This post attempts to collate some of the most helpful books you can read to increase your data science proficiency.

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this post. …

And, why you should too.

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If there’s one thing that frustrates me about the data science process, it would probably be the fact that I could spend hours (and maybe days) building and refining a model only to realize putting it in production is another ton worth of work and requires getting the help of more specialized people.

Whenever I try to think of ideas on how to approach a problem with data science, I always get stalled by the brain-racking step of translating it into a form that can be consumed by other people (my stakeholders).

After years of practicing in the field, I decided to upskill myself and learn web development for good. …

A Non-Coder, Non-Technical Journey to Data Science

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If you are here, you might be curious how someone who had no coding, no software engineering experience (and from a totally unrelated field) got into Data Science.

Just so you would know if you would want to stick around, I hope to answer these questions for you:

  1. How do I prepare myself to transition to Data Science?
  2. What are the prerequisite skills I have to start building now?
  3. How do I get started to learn?
  4. Is graduate study in Data Science for me?
  5. What it’s like to work as a Data Scientist working in a technology company coming from a non-technical background? …

Understanding this can do wonders to your productivity

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I hate being unproductive.

I hate ending my day knowing I haven’t done much to achieve my goals. Likewise, I hate having a jam-packed schedule yet closing it still rather unsatisfied.

I get frustrated when I know I could have done more if I did this or that, or if I didn’t do this or that. Sometimes I look at my to-do lists and ask myself if I’m doing something wrong.

But I get it. Everyone has unproductive days every now and then.

As I contemplate further, I found out what I hate more than being unproductive is the feeling of being unproductive — the feeling I was not able to do what I set out to do for the day. …

Here are some things you can do about it

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I have lost count of how many times I had to reset my alarm whenever I finish the automatic 5-minute timer I set for Facebook every time I open it.

I simply can’t stop.

I just had to scroll.

I just needed to see what’s next.

Without noticing it, my 5 minutes turns to almost an hour of almost mindless scrolling.

It’s unbelievable how I just get lost video after video, from one meme to another, and finally, to some other posts, the site thinks I’m even remotely interested in.

Too bad for me (and for you), it doesn’t stop there. …

Some things I wish I knew before I even got started trading with real money.

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Since the pandemic started, a lot of people had jumped into the stock market hype hoping to capitalize on the big dips that seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity. In fact, we have seen an explosion of people getting into the stock market for the first time.

Search trends for stock and forex trading are at their highest since 2017.

If that’s not crazy enough, the market has been sending mixed signals as to its response to the pandemic. Even though the world witnesses record-high unemployment rates and business closures everywhere, just a few days ago the S&P500 closed 0.1 percent higher than it was six months ago. …


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