LeBron James Vs. Michael Jordan

Kicks Edition

Photo Illustrations by GQ

With the NBA Finals very much underway LeBron James and the Cavaliers trail 3–0 to the stunning Golden State Warriors. Day in and day out the topic of “Super Teams” and legacy comparison of LeBron and Jordan will always trump other sports conversations in any neighborhood barbershop.

Although His Airness had a 100% efficiency rate in the NBA Finals, King James has been to more finals than Jordan and has appeared in more NBA Finals than 25 other teams. Which means only 5 teams have him beat in his 13 year career. But enough with the stats.

For now I’d like to approach this debate from a different angle by comparing what these two Hall of Famers had on their feet when they created havoc for opposing teams. Yes, thats right there are a group of fans who actually care about what kicks hit the court when the lights come on, and we are known as Millennials. I’ll let you be the judge of what grails are preferred, so hypebeast of all ages take a seat as we look at a timeline of what these two have to offer during the NBA Finals.

The Jordan Brand never fails to display the alluring retro shoes that Jordan would wear while averaging 33.1 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in 35 Finals games, and on the other hand LeBron continues to showcase his diversity as he fly’s into his 7th consecutive NBA Finals. Tonight tune into game four to see what he pulls out of his bag as the Cavaliers look to extend this series.