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We are in an emergency. This article is a call to action for major tech platforms to get more aggressive about saving lives.

  • What can social media platforms do RIGHT NOW to massively flatten the curve of the exponentially spreading covid-19?
  • What if they used their global position to PERSUADE, not just INFORM users?

While platforms like Facebook offer 21st century advertising tools that harness advanced A.I. to target ads, they’ve used 20th century PSAs methods against coronavirus.

Here’s what Facebook had been showing about Covid-19 until recently:

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Given the exponential challenge we’re up against, passive and generic links to CDC and WHO information and videos are woefully insufficient to saving lives. Too many people are still uninformed or not fully appraising the threat we face — that will result in hundreds of thousands of lives being lost unnecessarily. …


Tristan Harris

Co-founder, Center for Humane Technology // Ex-Google Design Ethicist // CEO of Apture (acquired by Google) // Philosopher // Human.

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