I hate that i resemble a cop

Not all cop but this cop

I resemble power

I resemble authority

I resemble the law

It was supposed to be a routine stop

You see i was raised wanting to protect the people I love

I was raised to protect myself

But when not one, two nor three but four

Shots led to his shoulders to drop


“please don’t tell me you killed my boyfriend”

The crying won’t stop

The pain will not stop

Death will not stop for innocents

Life can not protect you from ignorance

I’m glad i’m not a cop

Now riots wont stop

The blood will not stop

Fear consumes us all

Fear consumes the strong and the weak

Fear is creating conflict in my home of the free

I don’t have enough to eat

i don’t have enough to drink

Dad I don’t want you to leave

But baby ill be back in a week

But i can’t promise you if i leave you

That it will be just a routine stop

or that ill receive not 1, 2 or 3 but 4 shots

to my arm forced out of the fear of a brain washed cop

I don’t live in fear

But I’m Scared

I am heart broken

I hope the best for your loved ones

I hope the country heals with your loved ones

I hope for change for our enemies

I hope for permanent peace on our Earth

I hope for…

I’m not here to offer a solution

I’m not here to preach

I’m here to offer my ears

I’m hear to offer my unconditional love for the families who lost the peace

From the West to the East

From the bums on the streets

To the families of the police

Also the families who feel weak

After they lost their own blood to the police

Fear creates violence and if you do not agree look at our history.