Except where I talked about how all his fearmongering posts could discourage people seeking proper…
Kris Noble

Kris, thank you for your response. I appreciate any clarification on my assertions. Proplyene Glycol is toxic to all human beings. There is no question of this; it is only a matter of dosage. The other problem is that the FDA will study these substances individually and make a conclusion that they are relatively safe in low doses, but fail to realize that that in combination with other toxins in the body (which we are swimming in, food, land, air and water) they present a much more serious danger. Pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, carcinogens and airborne radiation (which has of course increased) comprise an aggregate: a burden on our cells and immune systems that calls for extreme vigilance in our food choices, and all the healing and immune strengthening foods and herbs we can get. Number of cancer deaths in the US alone last year? An estimated 1,685,210. Then there are the shocking rates of obesity, and Type II diabetes: an absolute epidemic in our culture of high glycemic trash food.

The few examples you gave, of reliance on an alternative method of health causing death, are tiny compared to the number of iatrogenic (caused by medicine) deaths per year: estimated between 98,00o and 200,00o per year. This is staggering. It is evident to anyone who cares to look at it, that the standard fare in our culture: the processed food, herbicide, pesticide, overcooked, toxic fare promoted and symptoms then treated by the same system, are far more deadly than any untested hippie program you can name. Including your baking soda story (is that comedy?), you’ve listed five to six total people who’ve died from alternative treatments; four of these were children, who’s parents made the decisions for them. More people died taking selfies this year in the United States. In my humble opinion, this is obviated and eclipsed by the staggering 100 to 200,ooo people dead a year from mainstream medicine. Please link to an article of your own, if you have one, warning people of this lethal risk in their lives. As a risk, I think it may actually rank higher than a David Wolfe seminar in which he cheerfully promotes goji powder, raw organic food, and fresh spring water.

Your original assertion here was that David Wolfe promotes fear, and then profits from it. This is patently false. Is it possible what’s actually driving you here is that you feel threatened by David’s success? I phrase that as a question; I don’t know.I have a great deal of experience with his work. I’ve found him to be one of the most positive and optimistic individuals I’ve ever come across. If there’s fear, it is coming from you, and this dreary machine of toxicity and death we call a mainstream culture and medicine. Thank you sincerely for clarifying your points. Wishing you all the best in life and health.

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