How David Wolfe Profits From Fear
Kris Noble

What!? You are clearly projecting some strange darkness of your own, and an equally strange agenda. I attended a DW seminar in 2009, and it changed my life. He is the reason I haul 240 pounds of wild spring water a week, and that alone has been extraordinary for every cell in my body, not to mention the maca root, he shou wu, goji, and daily chaga tea and tincture. I wandered into that seminar for free at Kripalu (David was extremely kind to me; I’m sure he wouldn’t have cared), and I don’t think I’ve bought a single thing at Longevity Warehouse. I have received countless hours of free seminars and info via the web from David. Believe me, his enthusiasm for spring water and exuberant health, and his devotion to this topic have made a huge difference for me. As far as whether processed food or mainstream medicine is dangerous, toxic and even lethal for us, it is! You may or may not recognize this fact; that doesn’t change it.

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