How David Wolfe Profits From Fear
Kris Noble

You give not a single example, not one, of how David’s advice could cause harm to anyone. Do people even know how to read anymore? Do you, Kris, have any knowledge of the FDA or mainstream medicine and how toxic and profiteering they are? Just look at propylene glycol, to choose one quick example. A dangerous carcinogen, that cause skin irritation even topically, let alone what it does to your cells and organs. The FDA allows a shocking 5 grams per kilogram of body weight: the highest in the industrialized world. The number of people who die a year because of the arrogance, negligence, incompetence and sheer profiteering of the medical and pharmaceutical industries is shocking. The FDA’s negligence, belligerence and poisonous service to industry and profit is also horrifying; do you not see this? Evidence is rampant and abundant. I’ve not heard David point this out all that much; his major message is that you are what you eat, and he encourages people to grow their own food, and eat healthy, whole organic raw foods daily. It’s clear he just wants to be of help. I have never once observed David, in all the hours I’ve studied his work, suggest he has the proprietary cure or solution to the issuess he rightly points out. It’s clear you just wish you were as successful, and project your own consciousness onto David and his motivations. It’s quite clear you are wrong. No ever lifted themselves up by trying to bring others down, by the way. Very cheap method. I’m sure you’ve had no effect on DW’s life at all, nor mine. For those who can actually read and discern a valid argument from a bland asertion, your article is flaccid and unconvincing.

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