Introducing the new GamesWatch

After a year, I am launching the new and improved version of the game reference website for game creators and game fans.

Improved homepage

The new homepage is more inviting, explanatory and it’s showing recently added games.

Improved gameshot modal

The gameshot modal is now displaying some useful metadata and the gameshot link is sharable.

Introducing categories

Some of the tags are now curated on the Categories page, in useful categories: Interface, Layout, Location, Pattern State and Visual. They also have previews.

Introducing high-quality video gameshots

Last year I introduced animated gameshots in the form of short animated gifs. Now, the animated gameshots are short high-quality videos so you can see the game in all of its beauty.



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Marek Minor

Designer, programmer, casual illustrator and system thinker at Bakken & Bæck. Building GamesWatch (