A Different Approach

We should always learn new stuff (and old). And we should always pass this knowledge on to the next generation (and the ones before).

Intern Publicly, Mentor Privately
Ever thought about mentoring and learning something new at the same time? I love Chip’s approach. While admitting to know next to nothing of the tech industry when he joined Airbnb, he used mentoring as a tool to teach, but more strategically to learn. We can use more Chips!

Not the Wheel, Just the Approach
How often are we wasting our time with reinventing the wheel? The time we spend on ideas, meetings, plans, before we actually implement and see if they work. Why don’t we reinvent our approach and apply best practices available at our finger tips? Aruba as a startup hub and ecosystem? Let’s have a look at Medellin.

What’s in a Shoe?
Besides your foot? A great tale! One of the realest stories on entrepreneurship I’ve read so far. Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog takes you on a journey of what seems like mostly failures of Nike. And Bill agrees. Yes, Bill Gates. I recommend this book to anyone thinking of starting their own business. It really puts things into perspective.

What’s the latest book or article you’ve been reading? Feel free to share!

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