With food waste being a major global issue and 1 in 3 meals going to waste, there is no doubt innovative actions need to be taken. In Australia, Bring Me Home has arisen to combat this issue, led by Founder Jane Kou. In this short blog, I interview Jane to get a better picture of her startup journey with Bring Me Home, and get behind the scenes.

Founder and CEO of Bring Me Home, Jane Kou.

Q. Who is Jane and how did you become an entrepreneur?

‘I’m founder and CEO of Bring Me Home, an online platform that connects customers with discounted surplus food. When I was doing…

It’s well known that food waste is one of the most damaging things to our planet today. But these facts will highlight how important it is that we act immediately to make a change.

10. There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone and end malnutrition in developing countries.

Image courtesy of Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN: http://www.fao.org/home/en/

9. Over one third of the food produced globally is wasted — over one billion tonnes and one trillion dollars’ worth.

“Each time you save a meal with Bring Me Home, it can save the environment from carbon emissions enough to power a house for almost two hours.”

New and inventive ways of reducing emissions must be thought of in the next ten years.

With the world’s population increasing steadily, greenhouse gas emissions are also rising and are at unsustainable levels. The UN recently released a report that stresses the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, with the world needing to be carbon neutral by 2047 to limit warming to only 1.5 degrees Celsius. A major contributor to this problem is the emissions produced by food that has gone to waste. If food waste was a country…

On a sunny Friday afternoon, I found myself getting off the train and onto a station platform next to mind-blowing murals of street art in every direction. It ranged from simple but creative expressions of someone’s ‘street name’ to delicate works of art. I was nowhere else but Brunswick, home of Melbourne’s street art scene, and a hotbed of grassroots community change for good causes.

There is a real community vibe at home.one.

Even though significant apartment developments have been happening in recent years, Brunswick has kept its youthful and care-free charm. One such positive impact initiative, and the one which brings me here, is the quaint little…

Each year, 10 percent of the world’s plastic ends up in the ocean. That’s equivalent to 700 billion plastic bottles! Bring Me Home is working on reducing that by encouraging people to bring their own containers to pick up food.

We received an article submission from Vicky & Dave, owners of Reusable Nation.

When we decided to remove as much waste as possible from our lives, we had to find a way to get takeaway food without the plastic containers, brown bags or (the very worst) polystyrene boxes. We are both on the go a lot and there are days…

When it comes to aurora-chasing, any number of unexpected, lucky or unlucky things can happen. Along with more obvious hazards such as being exposed to extreme cold and simply not seeing any northern lights, there can be camera malfunctions and even trouble from wild animals, unwanted police presence and then a shooting star to break it all up.

A chase can end in total failure — or a whole-sky aurora storm. The single greatest problem is having the aurora blocked out by clouds. Much research and planning goes into understanding when is the right time to search for the lights…

‘Australia produces so much food waste that, if you placed it all in garbage trucks, you could have a convoy of 450,000 trucks going all the way from Melbourne to New Zealand and back’ Sustainable Table.

By 2050, food production will have to increase by half to keep up with the growing population and the current rate of food wastage. — Move For Hunger

While some of the short-term and immediate impacts of food waste are well known and talked about often, it is worth exploring the more long-term consequences of this wastage. The demand for food is increasing every year, and it is estimated by the UN that food production will have to increase by half by 2050 to meet the needs of a growing population…

This is an essay I wrote earlier in the year, and as such informs about current trends in aurora tourism, and whether it is an authentic experience.


Northern lights tourism in the Nordic Countries has been examined. Northern lights have the capacity to bring profound pleasure to its viewers. The essay discusses topics such as the shifting ‘tourist gaze’, authenticity, the tourism industry and photography in an integrated way in relation to this topic. It has discussed the impacts of tourism on the region and on the tourists themselves. The main argument is that due to being such a…

In modern times it is becoming very popular to try cuisines from all different cultures, and appreciate diverse tasting foods. Melbourne, with its multicultural vibe, is one of the best cities in the world to have high-quality food from all over the world, especially Asia. There’s everything from Japanese to Thai to Modern Indian and Turkish. Some restaurants seek to create hip and modern infusions for their cuisine, whereas others stick to traditional recipes which have dazzled countless palettes for centuries. Bring Me Home is excited to be partnering with a number of trendy and delicious Asian restaurants in the…

Most Commonly Wasted Foods in Australia

With a steadily increasing amount of food being produced every year, food wastage has become a significant problem. In Australia, over $20 billion of food goes to waste, roughly translating to 1 in every 5 meals being thrown out by food retailers. Bring Me Home is actively working to reduce commercial food waste through its app, but also encourages everyone to be aware of how they can do little things to improve the situation. As such, a question often asked is what types of food are most likely to go to waste?

Tristan Pokornyi

A sustainability-minded aspiring writer and photographer with a passion for travel and untouched nature. Photoblog: instagram.com/north.wind.adventurer

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