A plethora of new-fangled venture capital firms have emerged, but how are they different?

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The tides are turning. That is, non-dilutive. No longer are startup founders limited to traditional venture capital that gives only a 1% chance of “success.” Entrepreneurs are in revolt and paying attention to new models of financing that give them refreshed optionality when looking to fund their growth.

In a recent New York Times article titled More Start-Ups Have an Unfamiliar Message for Venture Capitalists: Get Lost, Josh Kopelman, a venture investor at First Round Capital and an early backer of Uber, Warby Parker, and Ring…

Net worth isn't limited to money you own. It's your total contribution to the planet we rent.

Revenue-based funding proving more flexible over other forms of capital raising.

As experts postulate on the future of supply chains, the healthcare system, the retail landscape, and the workplace in a post-COVID world, the industry that funds these economic engines is already adapting. Investing is being transformed in both predictable and surprising ways by the new economic reality abruptly created by Covid-19.

Some companies face urgent investment needs as revenue dries up during the Covid-19 shutdown. Other businesses are overwhelmed with the demand for products and services undergoing sharp spikes in usage during the crisis and seek partners to help them meet that demand.

Meanwhile, venture capital and other popular sources…

A long list of weird and wonderful health secrets from around the world.

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I spent the last two years traveling around the world with Danyelle Pollock learning from the world and about my mind, body, and gut. We arrived back home in the US just weeks before COVID-19 struck, and I thought all these health secrets might help people stay in peak shape during the viral outbreak.

All of these health hacks were gathered from reading books, talking to people, and trying things. Not all will work for you, but some will. Others are just strange.

I’m not advocating any…

Or… Just Make You Laugh

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  1. People actually wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Germ society topples.
  2. Virtual happy hours spark a drastic increase in drunk dialing. Drunk driving plummets.
  3. Bidet sales skyrocket to counteract lack of toilet paper. Rainforest saved.
  4. Mask-use in public becomes normal. The kiss goes extinct.
  5. Stigma around the number 19 appears. Conspiracy theorists have a heyday.
  6. Drive-in movies make a comeback. Netflix monopolizes them.
  7. Cough anxiety is real. Big Pharma takes advantage.
  8. Drive-in and drive-through marriages become a thing. Divorce rates remain steady.
  9. People overeducate themselves. Trust in political establishments collapses.
  10. Self quarantining turns…

How COVID-19 may change society in the years to come

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Social distancing occurring on a sidewalk in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I’ve been very curious about how the global impact of coronavirus will change our lives and culture long after it disappears. Here are some predictions, or maybe more appropriately, my hopeful thinking, about what we may see in the years to come.

  • Monthly Universal Basic Income (UBI) is implemented providing a safety net for those most in need.
  • Schools implement digital learning standards providing the tools for all kids to take advantage of education from anywhere.
  • TSA legally blocks traveling while sick, checks passengers’ biodata. Less disease spreads via airlines…

Imposter syndrome is a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success.

It sneaks up on you.

It sucks your positive energy.

It creeps in the worst possible moments.

It makes you feel inadequate and unneeded.

You feel like a fake even though you’ve done it before.

Like you don’t care when it’s all you care about.

But you’ve been here before.

You are creative enough to figure it out.

Be open about your concerns and challenges.

Know yourself.

And in the end, you will overcome.

You will believe in yourself.

We believe in you.

There are no…

RBF or Revenue-Based Financing is quickly integrating into the world of venture capital, and it’s working.

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While revenue-based financing (RBF) might not yet have the name recognition of venture capital or angel investing, it is quickly becoming a powerful growth engine for diverse and innovative companies. This flexible, scalable, and easily accessed capital is a new and nimble form of growth funding that is fueling how companies scale across industries.

To examine how revenue-based financing helps companies grow without the drawbacks of other forms of funding, you can analyze the stories of three entrepreneurs who leaned on this funding model…

The face of venture capital is changing and more startups are turning to new methods of fundraising to fuel their growth.

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For seven years, Christopher Columbus pitched wealthy rulers with an innovative idea: fund an expedition that would disrupt the spice trade. He eventually found a sponsor in the Spanish monarchs, and as history would have it, that trip led to the discovery of the Americas.

He didn’t know it then, but Christopher Columbus’ method of acquiring funding for his voyage was an early form of venture capital. …

The tale of blue light in technology and the world.

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Blue light has been around since the sun. It’s the blue light or HEV rays that make the sky look blue. Today blue light is defined as the region of ultraviolet (UV) light-ray spectrum in the 400–490 nanometer range.

What that means is that blue light has shorter wavelengths and higher energy rays than the rest of the visible light spectrum. …

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