The Iron Yard: week 3 is in the books! V.3


I have really been behind when it comes to this blog…

This class is definitely true when they say its like drinking water from a firehose. We have already surpassed week 3 (when I started this draft) and week 4 and have moved into Back-End fundamentals and have been hot and heavy for 3 days already. That will come in the next post but today i will be talking about an exciting meet-up and the end of our Front-End Fundamentals course.

It is amazing how fast this journey has gone. It has already been a month and I have learned all about Javascript, CSS, HTML, and how to manipulate the DOM. It feels like just yesterday that I had no idea of the pains of CSS or the enjoyment of Javascript algorithms and functions. For instance the Github business card I created above was from scratch and used all DOM manipulation and Javascript Remote Requests to grab all that data from my Github profile.

2 weeks ago we had a ReactDC meet-up on campus talking about Javascript React language and a 101 rundown. The best part of the whole event though was the networking side of things and being able to talk to some of the local professionals, some of which were Iron Yard graduates and former teachers still in the area. At the very end they asked for people that were looking for jobs or people who were hiring. There happened to be a former graduate of the Iron Yard that is now working for Mapbox attending the talk who spoke up and listed off a few available jobs. Some backstory is appropriate here as I am a huge geo-nerd and happen to think working for them would be a dream come true. I immediately knew who I needed to spend the rest of the evening talking to. We spent the next half an hour or so chatting about the environment there and our experiences with the Iron Yard and how awesome our mutual TIY Instructor is. The night couldn’t have gone any better!

That evening was the materialization of wanting something so bad the universe presents you with the opportunities to achieve it. This roller coaster isn’t finished yet though stay tuned for more.

Next I will begin blogging about what i plan on making my specialty, Back-end software development, and the differences and what i find interesting about comparing the two.

The naming conventions used in this community continue to crack me up.

Mustache-Express is probably the best one yet
Best. Logo. Ever.