Idempotency is something you might not see every day, but it is an important concept, especially when you are taking payments.

Learn about some of the new tools that can make end-to-end testing easier & more accurate, as well as automate anything you can do in a web browser!

Learn how you can leverage some new API features when syncing your customers with Square’s APIs.

My first foray into “real” machine learning didn’t go so well. Days 38 - 53 of the OpenAI Retro Contest.

Learn how to create a bot to talk to your customers and help make sales!

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Try it out! Text (479)-888–5188 to talk to the bot 📲

Days 22–25 of the OpenAI Retro Contest

Tristan Sokol

Software Lead at NorthPoint Development. When I’m not helping automate a real estate company, I’m growing succulents in my back yard.

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