Why I Believe Suffering and sadness are Necessary

Why can’t I be happy all the time? What is it that makes me sad? Anything can make a person sad. I’ve realized that sadness and suffering are unavoidable from talking to a therapist over the years and just my general understanding of stuff... The Buddhists have the Four Noble Truths that explain all about how suffering is quite necessary if you want to reach Nirvana, No not the late 80’s American Rock band. “a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. It represents the final goal of Buddhism.”- The Four Noble Truths being;

  1. The Truth of Suffering
  2. The Truth of the Cause of Suffering
  3. The Truth of the End of Suffering
  4. The Truth of the Path Leading to the End of Suffering

For sense of time and the reader’s interest, basically, you will suffer in your life, It will suck, you will feel like it’s the end of the world but life goes on and you will be happy again. There are many roadblocks in life that hurt us but we just get back up and keep going.

Siddhartha Gautama

I used to be miserable in high school in my sophomore year because it was the time when PUBERTY was hitting me and rolling me around like an avalanche. I had acne all over, my body was starting to sweat in all kinds of places and I became very self conscious of what I was to other people. I didn’t know how to do school well and it was getting harder. I lived every day of that year uncomfortable in my own skin and I was very depressed. But that was only because I was going through a transformation. I was shedding one skin and growing into another and it took a long, painful time but looking back on it I believe I am a much better person because of that suffering.

That year of my life has taught me that I can endure no matter how hard it gets and life goes on. Suffering is necessary in the sense that you believe that everything you do is rewarded with equal payout. Karma. I suffered for that year and now I’m absolutely happy and see that life doesn’t need to be as hard as I made it out to be.

I do not know if depression is merely a state of mind or an actual disease or maybe a little bit of both. I do believe I have experienced depression but I haven’t been affected by it in years and that’s because every time I get the inkling of pitying myself I stop myself and “just keep swimming”. At the time I was depressed it was easier to pity myself than actually deal with things but I think everyone is guilty of that. I absolutely believe that anyone can be happy it’s just a matter of letting go of things and that’s much easier said than done.

So, when life gets hard just remember that suffering is necessary and this too shall pass. The Buddhists can explain it a little better than I can so I urge the reader to read the PBS article on the basics of Buddhism. http://www.pbs.org/edens/thailand/buddhism.htm

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