It Started As A Scribble

Originally posted on my website January 20, 2016

A few weeks ago I was playing around with my Photoshop brushes, as I often do. I was trying to narrow things down, with the goal of speeding things up a little.

To do this I created a new document in Adobe Photoshop and start scribbling around, using the different brushes I have. Deleting ones I don’t use or like as much, and reorganizing the ones I do. Then I took a step back, got something to eat or drink and came back to the computer. I noticed something, a hint of an image. I quickly took the scribble and started refining the idea down to a thumbnail. Still loose but a little clearer.

This became my latest personal illustration.

The original scribble that kickstarted this illustration.

So out of those scratches and scribbles, a few images popped into my head; a cloudy scene, fast rushing water. I started sketching and refining the idea right away. As I mentioned before, this wasn’t planned at all but I felt I had to get the idea out

Everything from the sketches to the final image where done in Photoshop. I used the brushes I was narrowing down, so in turn this also acted as a more accurate way of eliminating the brushes that don’t fit with my style.
Below I’ve included some images showing the process in making the final piece.

The final image was done live on my Twitch stream, and took roughly two hours to complete. Throughout the process I was thinking of layers, much like screen printing (something I’ve dabbled in). The illustration had a very limited colour palette, using only two colours. To get the variations in the colours I simply set a new layer to multiply mode which helped keep the same colour scheme but kept it from being completely flat.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight in the process of creating this illustration. It was a lot of fun to make and experiment with the different brushes I use in Adobe Photoshop. I plan on creating more blog posts like this. Showing different parts of the creative process for more finished drawings (like this), as well as sketch work.