Willy Wonka

What is a blog? A blog is 1.) a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

I wrote this entire entry in my head while I was at the gym and now I’m tasked with putting it all out there in a form that’s appealing to an audience who knows so little about me. Including, I am focusing on those individuals who will really continue to read and understand my positions when writing these so called blogs. You see, first impressions are important. Even if it’s coming from a screen where the connection and interaction is received differently. When we compare it to an in person encounter, where we try to deliver a message through our body language and the articulation of sounds, we find it seems easier to read our audience. We are able to analyze our audience through eye language, tone, gestures, and comfortability which benefits our course of action and reaction. Though, that’s what I love about writing. You are able to engage someone in an intimate listening session using a different set of skills. Which I believe a large portion of the world has turned their focus to communicating their messages through a screen. It’s a new growing and learning component of our lives. So with this task at hand and with the majority of dealings in life you come to realize you find pleasure in finding things out.

To reiterate the importance of communication through a screen I’d like to share a first impression that specifically comes from a screen itself. Let’s think about a specific moment in history that took place on January 24th, 1984 in Cupertino, California. On that day, Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh to a group of shareholders and at that same event the Macintosh became the first computer to introduce itself. “Hello, I am Macintosh. It sure is great to get out of that bag!” After the macintosh’s personal introduction, the room gave a standing ovation. The room filled instantaneously with applause, excitement, and confidence. It became one of those proud moments where Jobs himself took a moment to enjoy the present and gather before proceeding with his presentation. In this particular example, I am able to examine the impact of a first impression as well as the impact of a product that has given me the ability to communicate to you right now. I find it interesting that a technology product gave its own introduction in 1984. I find it interesting that a team developed this product and made it have its own introduction which itself shared to an entire audience through text and audio. The same product that has shaped our lives today. Without that revolutionary product I wouldn’t be able to introduce myself to you through this screen right now. Why did this team think it was important for a product to share its own introduction? I like to question why do the current apple products continue to say hello? There is an in depth reason for everything.

With that being said, right now, I am here to sell you a story that I would like to compare to an everlasting gobstopper. A story in which describes what’s to come.

I wanted to structure this first entry around the idea of describing to you what excitement is later to come. The thing is, I’m not exactly certain what’s next. With this uncertainty and curiosity I would like to compare myself to Willy Wonka in his 1971 form. If you haven’t seen the movie, (spoiler) it is basically about an outlandish man that runs an awesome factory that produces sweets. Though, once you enter the factory a world of fantasy unfolds. This man, Willy Wonka, gives a tour to five children. Similar to the storyline of the tour, I am here to share and discuss topics that may help you learn more about yourselves, the people around you, and myself included. Though, when you are in the factory you cannot expect what is next. Relating to my posts, I can say at this moment I will be sharing various posts about different topics. Which is why I would like to compare you to one of the children entering the Chocolate Factory. My posts will contain a diverse amount of information which will be received differently depending on the person and their situations. When you compare it to the story, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are able to expose relationships, personalities, life lessons, memories, and more to a group of uniquely different individuals. They all experience the same tour, though they each learn something different. Some examples are Charlie was able to capture a long lasting memory with his grandfather because of the adventure they were able to share. While another individual named Agustus Gloop was able to figure out that sometimes indulging without control has its consequences. As well as, Mr. Wonka himself finds out there are still kind hearted honest people in the world. Those are some of the things I would like to help my audience find out.

Now that you have an idea of the structure of these entries I am ready to share something about myself. Hello, I am Tristen. I’m a very analytical person. Hence the definition of a blog at the beginning of the piece. I was able to take an assessment that created a personality profile for myself called emergenetics. “Emergenetics® is a personality profile developed from decades of neuroscience research, and serves as the backbone of my comprehensive organizational development approach.”

This profile was interesting to me because when you compare with others who have also taken the assessment, you are able to distinguish their type of personality. It really gives you the ability to learn more about yourself. I also had a large portion of the structural personality in my profile. My smallest portions were the conceptual and social personalities. An analytical person is…

“Analytical thinking is clear, logical and rational. The analytical (Blue)brain enjoys math and science, tends to be objective and facts-driven, and is a logical problem solver.

It enjoys all aspects of analysis — assessing strengths and weaknesses, weighing pros and cons, prioritizing, segmenting. It seeks to find the meaning behind the data.

The Blue brain is critical and can be hard to approach. It only believes information it receives from trusted sources — new sources must prove their competence to earn its trust. The Blue brain challenges others and respects those who meet the challenge.

Because of its reliance on facts and data, the Blue brain tends to overlook opportunities revealed by intuition. It may underplay the feelings of others (or disregard them altogether).

To others, the Blue may appear intimidating, cold, distant, uncaring, hard to please and quick to judge.

The Blue brain prefers to learn by mental analysis. Its teacher must be someone with impeccable credentials. It thinks and watches, tests theories and assesses ideas. The traditional classroom was designed with the Blue brain in mind.”

I’m a very logical thinker. I think about consequences and outcomes instantly. Differentiating from fear which should be an obstacle you overcome. Some of the things I have learned are the most successful people in this world establish themselves by “helping “others. I’ve learned time is crucial because you cannot control it but have the power to manage it. I’ve learned habits define the person you are. I’ve learned passion is something you should apply to your everyday life. I’ve learned why it’s important to understand cultivating honorable relationships. The list goes on..

You can expect my next entry to be posted soon. I thank you for your open mind and all of the positive feedback prior to sharing this publicly.