The Future of Advertising is Not Advertising

These days we make up our own minds about things. We don’t respond to flashy advertising campaigns the way we used to. We don’t like them. Occasionally an ad gets past our blocking radar and some of the messaging sinks in, but mostly we try to ignore everything.

The advertising industry has seen dramatic, seismic change like few others have so far. They have adapted well and have developed impressive new skill sets. They influence in other ways now, a lot of them social media based. That’s all very well but there’s another really important use of their stunning talent that not enough have explored yet… explaining rather than selling.

Our world is being reinvented. New tech is everywhere. New tech doesn’t rely on advertising campaigns to make its way into our lives. That is because the best new tech isn’t based on a whim — it’s built fit for purpose. A whole lot of work goes into understanding a problem or challenge and then a product is created that solves it. The challenge is no longer how to sell it because it will sell itself. The problem is how to explain it to people so they can see its benefits and see that it solves their problem — it’s finding the words and images that will trigger the ah-ha! moment.

Have you ever tried to tell a friend about a new gadget you bought that does that cool thing that has changed your life? Hard isn’t it.

Hundreds of startups all over Australia that are bursting with amazing new tech have the same problem. They are trying to get their message out and struggling. They know they are building something their customers will love because they’ve done all the background work and know their innovation solves a big problem. They need to find the right way to talk about it that resonates to get the sales rolling in. The superb ad agency talent we have in Australia could help them do that but hardly any are working in this space.

If you are a creative and you’re looking for the ultimate challenge, come and test your craft in the startup sector. The pace is fast and so is the market feedback. But leave your ambitions for huge fees at the door. There’s hardly any money here … unless your messaging works and then the sky’s the limit. Are you willing to do what entrepreneurs do and put everything on the line? They try, test, revisit, test, refine and test until they nail it. It’s thrilling and incredibly frustrating and exhilarating.

If you think you have what it takes come and work with us. We need you.