The Four Phases of Foundation Inspections

If you are looking at foundation repair companies in Oklahoma City, the chances are very good you know you might have a foundation issue. You also know that you probably should get your home or building inspected to determine if you indeed to have a foundation issue, if you do how bad it is and what can be done about it. What you likely do not know is what to expect when the foundation repair inspectors show up at your door. This review should help.

Phase One — External

The first phase of your inspection by whatever Oklahoma City foundation repair company you choose will more than likely happen outdoors, around the building you are concerned about. Inspectors will measure your building and inspect the external structure, looking for signs of damage or warning signs that something either is amiss or about to become an issue. Things that will grab the inspector’s attention include, but are not limited to separation of housing materials around window casings, cracks in bricks, deflection in grout lines, cracks in the lower portion of the foundation and other signs of foundation failure.

Everything they observe will be documented and eventually transferred onto a drawing of your home for easy reference. Additionally, the inspectors will take notes on the environmental conditions surrounding the building. This is so that if they see anything that might contribute to foundation failure they can address it when the time comes.

Phase Two

Phase two of the inspection happens indoors. Inspectors will gauge floor elevations, flooring types (carpet, wood, tile, etc.) Your walls will also be inspected, and some will be added to the drawing in order to get a full appraisal of the building, building materials and any obvious signs of damage.

Phase Three

Inspectors will look for obvious signs of damage throughout the building, because foundation damage can show itself inside and outside. The damage that they note will include cracks in the walls and sheetrock, doors that no longer close, separation of trusses, rafters and joists in the attic. The damage assessment is generally taken here because there are mitigating factors that are influenced by building materials as well as soil and slab movement that could indicate foundation damage or natural settling. This part of the inspection requires someone very experienced and skilled in assessing foundations and foundation damage.

Reporting Phase

The final phase is when the inspector(s) assemble their report and show you any areas they believe indicate foundation failure. If foundation repair is needed, they will also walk you through that process. It is at this phase you will also receive from the foundation repair company an estimate for any work that is needed.

Foundation repair companies in Oklahoma City will all follow the same general process of assessing if you have foundation damage. If you are suspect of any recommendations, it might be worth getting a second opinion. Foundation repair is critical to the longevity of your home, but you must make sure the evaluation you receive is accurate.