wade king rec center as genre

In Heilker’s piece, “On Genres as Ways of Being,” he describes his views on different types of genres, and what genre actually means. Heilker’s overall idea is that he believes “genres are a way of being, ways of emerging into the world” (19). According to Heilker, we can “inhabit a new way of being” through genres they can affect us by actually changing how we are in the world (23). They embody how we should be, what we should value, want, or believe. Overall, I think this is a very interesting way to think about it, and brings up the question, how can a place be a genre, or a way of being? If we are to think of the Wade King Recreation Center at WWU as a genre, we can see that even though there are many different aspects to the gym, it’s a genre because it has one overall function that people use it for, and that is to use it as a place to go to workout. People go there expect to exercise, and so it overall embodies this active way of being and can affect how we act.

-The Rec Center is a place people go to workout. Therefore people there should be expecting to get some type of exercise.

-There is a dress code at the Rec Center. People are expected to wear appropriate clothing to exercise in.

-The Rec Center offers many fitness classes throughout the day. People in the class are expected to show up on time and do the activities the instructors say to do.

-The Rec Center has many exercise machines and weights. When going there, people are expected to know how to use the equipment properly.

-The Rec Center has a weight room downstairs that always plays music. People going there must be ok to hear whatever playlist is playing at the time.

-The Rec Center has a climbing wall that requires people to sign paperwork before climbing. Because of this anyone who wants to climb must be agree to sign the paperwork, and to follow the rules and take any risks of liabilities.

-The Rec Center is full of many other people working out. Therefore one must be willing to share the equipment with others around them.

-The Rec Center has basketballs that they will loan out. In order to do this, one must be willing to accept the responsibility of taking care of and returning to ball when done using it.

-Before entering the workout area of the Rec Center, it is required that people have their ID card. Because of this, one must remember to bring their card and be willing to give it up to the person working at the desk in order for them to swipe it.

-The Rec Center gives people opportunities to work out and exercise. Because of this people might leave feeling stronger and more fit after working out.

Overall, when using Heilker’s way of thinking and viewing places in this way, as genres, one can see that they really do have an affect on people and their way of being.

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