Welcome back triviskers!

A few articles ago, we talked about the trivisk store and everything that you can find inside it.

These are the three types of chests you can find on trivisk, at the moment.

Today we want to talk to you about the Treasure Chests and the three types you can find at the trivisk store.


Here we go!

Awesome Chest

This is our best chest. You can tell by its design. It is the most valuable chest of all, and because of that, you will find the best items inside. Of course, the higher the value, the harder it will be to get one of these chests. …

Behind the scenes of a unique game

We are used to seeing that new game releases are pretty much the same as games we already know with just better performance but little innovation. Believe it or not, trivisk is not like any other game you have ever seen before. Trust us!

Today we are taking you to the insides of an upcoming and unique mobile game that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Is it an image search engine? Is it a game? No, it is trivisk!

How it all began

The idea of trivisk came up back in late 2010 when Instagram was an infant app and people all over the world began sharing and looking at the pictures from anyone else. …

A never-ending place for surprises: the trivisk store

Welcome back, triviskers!

Here we are one more time! Today we will be talking about something every game has: the store.

What is a game without a market where you can buy, get free things, and find limited items? Well, if you ask us, not a good one.

There is always an easy way to get to the store

Trivisk will have its own and fantastic market where you can find Daily offers, Daily gifts, Treasures, Weapons, Power-Ups, Objects, Gems, and Gold for sale.

The trivisk store will allow you to buy missing objects or more gold and gems if you need them. …

Hi, triviskers!

Here we are, one more time showing you essential aspects of the game. We have already seen a toon of characteristics about the game like what are and how to get gems, the trivisk’s characters, and its weapons and power-ups.

Today we are here to talk about a crucial part of trivisk: Gold, its currency.

Gold won’t only make you rich; it will give you the upper hand within the game. You will be able to buy everything you need to win and level up your character faster

To play trivisk, you will need to use some of your gold in each round, but you can also get a lot of gold if you win!

When you first start playing trivisk, Tink will give you some gold to start playing safely…

Welcome back to the second part to become a trivisk Pro!

In Objects & Trophies: the keys to becoming a trivisk Pro. Part 1 we talked about all the objects you can find within the game. In this article, we are going to talk about the trophies and how they can help you level up your game.


Winning a trophy in trivisk will be a recognition for your accomplishments. You can earn different trophies by designing good games, winning game rounds, finding unique objects, accomplishing missions, improving characters experience, and so on.

Accomplish different milestones and get trophies and unique gifts!

Every time you win a trophy, you will…

Welcome back, friends!

We have talked about the major features of trivisk already, including all the objects and trophies you will be able to find throughout the game. Today we have an excellent article about the 3 bots or robots you can find in trivisk.

First thing first, these 3 robots are not evil, they don’t want to smash you (at least not right away) and are here to help you gain experience and become part of the fun.

How can you play against the Robots in the game?

Here they are! Ready to play against you!

We have talked about this before in the types of games. However, here is a short and sweet explanation.

Open trivisk…

Up to now, we have been discussing how to play trivisk, the characters you can use in the game, and the ways you can play trivisk. Today, we want to show you how you can achieve more things within trivisk with just two more add-ons.

We are going to divide it into two different articles, so we don’t get anyone confused.

Ready or not, here we go!


As you play trivisk, you will be able to find and collect a wide variety of objects. Objects will often be available in the store for a limited time too.

These are Hugo’s favorite objects. Watch out for them if you want Hugo to join your party

Some objects will…

New year, more excitement!

Welcome back triviskers, one more day here we are talking about what you will soon try for yourself: trivisk.

During the past months, we have been talking about the new exciting trivisk game, how to play and how to design games.

Now it’s time to talk about the different types of game-rounds you can play in trivisk. But before we get into the details, let us show you a vital part of the trivisk game: Koko.

Hello World! This is me: Koko!

Koko: the naughty robot dragon waiting for you to miss

This is very exciting until now we have never mention Koko, and we think it is time to give you a heads up and…

Back to the excitement of how to play trivisk. Did you know there are two main ways you can play trivisk? Take a look!

Two main types of game-rounds to choose from

Once you start playing trivisk, you will need to choose the type of game you want to start. The game rounds are the same in both types. However, you can choose if you’re going to play against other players from around the world, with friends, colleagues or family, or, against trained robots.

Play your selected game mode or the blind mode

Ready for a blind game round?

This type of game-round is the most common of all. You will have to choose…

Welcome back avid readers, here we are once again to shed some light into some of the trivisk features. Today we will be talking about weapons and power-ups.

Read this because you will want to master this section before you start playing the game, don’t say we didn’t tell you…

Last time we talked about weapons and power-ups we talked about their generalities, but today we are going a little deeper into the matter to show you how the weapons and power-ups really work so you start thinking which ones you will want to get in your game rounds.

Equip your character to attack or defend themselves during the game round




A unique and refreshing game is coming! Here we will tell about the story and characters of the game. https://go.trivisk.com/trivisk-medium-profile

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