How to play trivisk

Oct 19, 2018 · 11 min read

Here we are one more time showing you how to do something in trivisk. Today we will be talking about how to play trivisk. Yes, it might sound obvious, but we don’t want you to miss anything in the game, so here we go with the basics and the not so basic stuff.

Log in to trivisk

To access all trivisk features, you need to log in with your Facebook or Instagram account.

If you don’t sign in, you will be able to play with some limitations. To start playing press the “play” button and choose a game. You will have the chance to play already-made games or to create your owns. To do that, you will have to log in and design a game. We talked all about it in our last article so you can take a look there to get to know game designing better.

Choosing a game with tags and filters

The chances are that when you start trivisk, you will find lots of available games to play. If you want to narrow down the list to display games about a particular topic, you can do that by using filters and tags.

These are the Tags and Filter screen where you can select terms, number of opponents and much more

When you enter the tag screen, you will be able to enter a term search. Imagine you want to find a game about Football teams, you might want to introduce “football” or “sports” in the search bar, and all games with those tags will be displayed on the games list. Trivisk will suggest alternative tags for you based on your preferences and previous experience, and will also tell you how many games have a specific tag. You can combine as many tags as you want, and a global indicator will show you how many games have all the tags you have chosen.

Filters work a bit different than tags. They specify characteristics a game must have. Some filters work as strict equalities, but most work as a minus or equal to its value. For instance, if you set the duration filter to 5 minutes, all game rounds up to 5 minutes long, not necessarily similar to 5 minutes long, will be available to play. Of course, you can combine filters and deactivate them if you want to.

Play against humans or smart robots

Something fascinating about trivisk is that you can play in real time against real people across the world, with your friends, or with a legion of smart robots that Tink trained to play trivisk with you.

How can you play with your friends? Easy, you can invite your friends to join trivisk on the social screen. Just press the “invite friend” to trivisk button and choose your desired way of letting them know you want them to be “trivisk friends.” Once they get your invitation and download trivisk, they will be added to your contact list and vice versa.

You can play trivisk with up to five friends from your contact list. Just make sure they are available to play trivisk by checking the status indicator next to your friends’ avatar in your contact list. Once you have whom you want to play with, you can choose the game you want and press play. Depending on the filters you selected, the game round could be initiated by you, or you and your friends will be added to an already launched game round with enough free spots available yet.

Make sure your friends are available to play with you on the friend’s screen

Don’t worry if some of your friends decline to accept your invitation because trivisk will handle the situation by matching other players seeking for similar game rounds to play.

If you don’t feel like you are ready to play with real people, you can always select robots in the opponent’s filter. Tink has trained several robots to play trivisk with you. Some of them are novice players, and some of them are expert, so you will have a wide range to choose from at any time. From time to time, Tink likes to play trivisk too, so maybe you are lucky, and at some point, you will see Tink joining your game-round. Tink always comes with big surprises, but be careful, because Tink designed trivisk, so it is an adamant opponent to beat.

Select your opponents: do you want to play against people or trained robots?

Playing a blind game round

A blind game is when you don’t feel like choosing a game, and you leave that choice to Tink. You will have to press the big play button as always, but instead of selecting a specific game in the next screen, you will press the play button with a blinded Tink. When you play blind, Tink will share the risk with you, so your reward to risk ratio will dramatically increase.

Play a blind game when you don’t mind the topic of the game

Choosing characters and weapons

Now that you know how to choose among the different ways to play a game, you are ready actually to start playing. Once you have selected your game, doesn’t matter if it was initiated already by someone else, you initiated it, or is a blind game, you will have to choose a character.

When you start playing trivisk, you must choose a character among the ones who already joined your party to compete with other players’ characters in the game round. Characters will join your party only if you give them particular objects you will find throughout the game. You will be able to buy some objects in the store, but not always.

Select your character and equip him or her with your best weapons and power-ups

Then you have the option to fit your character with up to 5 different weapons and power-ups. Each character has different skills and plays better or worse, depending on which weapon you choose. Weapons and power-ups are one-time use, so when you select a weapon, you can equip as many units of that weapon as you want. But keep in mind that the more units you equip, the higher the cost of equipment. Don’t stress about this too much; we will get deeper into it pretty soon in another article.

Game round preview screen

Once you have your character and its equipment, you are ready to play and can step forward to the game round preview screen. Here you will see a carousel of album avatars for the game round, to help you prepare before it starts. The preview screen will also show the characters chosen by other players and the color assigned by trivisk to each character.

The color assigned is essential because it will help you identify your character easily during the game round. The game is high-speed, so being able to identify your character to know how is he or she performing is key to make wise decisions on which weapon to use against whom and when.

This is how the waiting room will look like, don’t make Jay wait!

Hold on, but how you actually play a game?

The color of your screen during the gameplay will match the color of your character, so you always remember which color your character is.

Depending on the difficulty level you choose, there will be more or fewer albums in the game round. Each album has several jelly beans placeholders which will be filled one by one each time a player associates an image correctly to its album. Your jelly beans color will match your characters color as well.

The main goal of the trivisk game is to fill albums’ placeholders with as many jelly beans of your color as possible. Every time you make a hit, you will get a jelly bean, but when you make a mistake, you will lose a jelly bean. When all placeholders of an album are taken, the next player who answers an image correctly for such album will take over the place of the weakest player in the album, which is the one with fewer jelly beans in that album.

Eventually, if you are lucky, you will get all jelly beans for an album. If this happens, such collection will be protected with a shield, meaning that no one will receive images belonging to that album anymore unless you make a mistake; in such case, you will lose the shield protection.

Characters position on the horizontal bar will depend on how many jelly beans each character owns in all albums. The more jelly beans a character holds relative to other players, the more to the right his or her position on the bar will be. Staying too long on the left side of the bar is dangerous because as the game round time progresses, it will be required to have an increasing minimum number of jelly beans to survive in the game.

During the first 30 seconds of the game-round, it is not required to hold any jelly bean, but after this grace period, you better hurry up getting as many jelly beans as you can, to avoid being kicked out of the game. Keep in mind that the minimum jelly beans requirement will increase as time passes, being more difficult to withstand the pressure.

Oops! Someone has been eliminated from the game round :/

Players do not have control over which images will be shown, so it is not easy to win the game unless you answer faster than the rest. Here is where weapons and power-ups become essential because they can alter the flow of the game.

To play a game round, all players must risk some gold first. The player who initiated the game will choose the amount of risk. The gold will be put into jackpot to later payout to all players according to their position when the game round ends. When a player is kicked out of the game, his position and reward will be determined based on how many jelly beans owns. Approximately half of the players will earn gold, and half will lose.

The gameplay will finish either when all players but the last are kicked out, or when the predetermined duration of the game round ends. Players can exit and enter the game round at any time as long as it is still running. So, don’t worry if you are interrupted by an unexpected phone call, because you will be able to return to the gameplay. Just remember that other players won’t wait for you, neither the increasing minimum jelly beans threshold will do.

Things are easier to understand with examples

Let’s see an example. Pretend you are playing a game about animals. This game round has two albums: dogs and cats.

Cool way of understanding Trivisk’s game round screen

When the game starts, you will see a random image that changes every time you answer. You answer by pressing one of the two albums pictures below. In this case, the image shown is a cute dog, so you must touch the “dogs” picture below.

Let’s see what the numbers in the picture mean:

  1. The background color matches your character color, which in this case is blue.
  2. trivisk will show here random images, and you will have to choose the right answer based on what you see on the screen.
  3. Here are the albums, the place where you must make an answer. If the image on the screen is a dog, you should touch the “dogs” album to answer correctly.
  4. These are the placeholders for jelly beans. The color of the strongest player, the one with more jelly beans, will be placed to the left, and the weakest to the right.
  5. This bar will show the character’s position in real time. The more to the right, the better the position. Players who stay long on the left side will likely be kicked out the game.
  6. The countdown timer will show how much time is left to end the game. Duration filter set by the player who initiated the game determines the time limit.
  7. This is your gold balance. Tink will give you some gold when you play trivisk for the first time. If you perform well, you will start earning more and more gold, which will let you play more and buy objects, weapons, etc.
  8. These are the weapons you equipped for the game round. You will be able to use them against the other players or albums. Weapons cost gold, so use them wisely.
  9. This cool shield means that you have won the most jelly beans of a certain album (dogs in this case) by answering all the time correctly.
Sneak peek of how to play trivisk!

The game designer and trivisk will get a small commission, and then the rest of the gold risked will be distributed among all the players according to their position. The player with more jelly beans will be the winner and will get the highest gold amount back, and so on.

If some players own the same amount of jelly beans, then the one who answered right more images will be first. If still there is a tie, then the one who answered more images in total will be first. If still there is a tie, then the one who answered the latest will be first. If still there is a tie, then the one who joined the game round earlier will be the first.

Tink will crown you if you turn out to be the winner

Game popularity and rating

When players finish any game, they will have the chance to rate the game. Choose the thumbs up if you agree to keep the game listed in trivisk, or the thumbs down when you don’t. Game popularity will be affected by ratings, and this is critical because the games’ list will be sorted by popularity. The most popular games will be listed first, and the least popular last, so it is more likely that players will play the games listed first. Eventually, the games that are not played anymore will be unpublished. This is how trivisk ensures good quality of games listed.

The popularity indicator shows the total number of ratings submitted, and the gauge shows the relative likes versus unlikes the game has got.

A popularity indicator of a random game in trivisk

Up to here with how to play trivisk. Next time we will come back with more exciting things such as characters, objects, weapons, trophies, gold, and gems, so you get a broader understanding of how trivisk works.

Until the next article, triviskers!


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