Koko: the naughty robot dragon of trivisk

Feb 25, 2019 · 4 min read

New year, more excitement!

Welcome back triviskers, one more day here we are talking about what you will soon try for yourself: trivisk.

During the past months, we have been talking about the new exciting trivisk game, how to play and how to design games.

Now it’s time to talk about the different types of game-rounds you can play in trivisk. But before we get into the details, let us show you a vital part of the trivisk game: Koko.

Hello World! This is me: Koko!

Koko: the naughty robot dragon waiting for you to miss

This is very exciting until now we have never mention Koko, and we think it is time to give you a heads up and to the presentations.

Koko is one of the robots Tink recruited to play against you in the games. However, Koko couldn’t be trained since he was always trying to eat everything around him, or just not listening to what Tink had to say.

It isn’t an easy job to keep Koko under control

For that reason, Tink decided to let him join the game as the teasing and playful character he is. And that is how Koko got what he wanted, the main part in the game and free meals!

What does Koko do in the game?

Koko has an essential task within the game, and that is to keep players aware of the competition. How does he do it? By pressuring you at all times during the game round.

When you first start playing a game on trivisk, you will see that all characters start in the same position. Then, as you or your opponents keep choosing right or wrong answers, the characters will move to the right or left of the line. For each right answer, the character gets a jelly bean, and for each wrong answer loses one or more jelly beans, depending on the difficulty level of the game. Characters’ position on the line is always the relative position among all players who are still playing the game. The more significant the difference in jelly beans, the higher the distance among players.

Beware! Koko just appeared on the scene! Get as many jelly beans as possible!

Koko is waiting on the far left side of the line, and when a character moves too much to the left, Koko will likely eat him. Each character needs a minimum of Jellybeans to stay in the game, and that minimum increases over time. If your character can’t reach it or if you start losing Jelly beans too fast, Koko will probably eat you up. Like that. He is ready and waiting for you to miss and catch you. You will be his meal. He has to eat something!

Be careful and keep your Jelly beans in place or you will start going down the line until Koko is close enough to get you. Once that happens you are out of the game.

Where can I find Koko?

Koko will appear in every game after the first 30 seconds. We want to give you a head start before Koko appears, so you have some time to get enough jelly beans to be safe.

He will be in the left-hand side of the screen waiting for weaker characters who are not able to hold enough jelly beans during the game. As time goes by, you will need more and more jelly beans to stay in the game. If you start losing them and your opponents keep getting more and more, you will go left the line and eventually be eaten by Koko.

The more he waits to eat, the more anxious he gets, so don’t lose your cool and keep your focus. If you get distracted, you will probably be his next meal.

Watch out! Koko is just waiting for you to lose a couple of jelly beans more!

Our advice here is to stay as far away from Koko as you can and to focus on getting as many right answers as possible. Weapons and power-ups can help you move forward to the right of the line. Take control of your weapons and power-ups and stay aware of what the other players are doing. If someone hits you with a weapon, be ready to respond or to protect yourself. Have all your senses ready; this is going to be a fun competition!

Now that you know who Koko is and what he does, let’s talk about the types of games you can find when playing trivisk.

Discover more about trivisk here!


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A unique and refreshing game is coming! Here we will tell about the story and characters of the game. https://go.trivisk.com/trivisk-medium-profile

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