Objects & Trophies: the keys to becoming a trivisk Pro. Part 1

Feb 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Up to now, we have been discussing how to play trivisk, the characters you can use in the game, and the ways you can play trivisk. Today, we want to show you how you can achieve more things within trivisk with just two more add-ons.

We are going to divide it into two different articles, so we don’t get anyone confused.

Ready or not, here we go!


As you play trivisk, you will be able to find and collect a wide variety of objects. Objects will often be available in the store for a limited time too.

These are Hugo’s favorite objects. Watch out for them if you want Hugo to join your party

Some objects will help you convince characters to join your party. The number and types of objects needed to get a character will differ across characters and also might vary over time.

Characters like objects related to their tastes and personality. For example, Layla loves sushi, as you will remember from her presentation. It makes sense that one of the objects you will need to get Layla to join your team will be a piece (or more) of sushi.

When you reunite all objects a character requires, you will be able to ask him or her to join your team in exchange for those objects. Different characters might share an interest in the same objects. But don’t worry, there is no limit of how many objects of the same type you can get through the game.

Find all the objects a character wants and unlock it to join your team!

Besides the objects that will help you get new characters, there are two other kinds of objects that will help you out throughout the game — these two types of objects, potions, and enhancers, and the unique-objects.

Potions and enhancers will be objects somehow easy to find and temporary. These means that you can see this type of objects more often than others. These objects will help automatically without you having to do anything. The sad part is that they are temporary and consume based, so if the object gets used in a game round will disappear from your inventory.

The unique objects are harder to find, and there will be limited quantities available. These objects are valuable, some will be consume-based, and others can last forever. They will help you throughout your game-rounds as well in many different and more powerful than the temporary objects.

Particular objects are broken little pieces spread across the trivisk world. Therefore, you will need to get all the parts to complete the object.

This is all for now, to learn about trophies you can check out the second part right here.

Read you soon, triviskers!


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