The InBetweeners second act: the fashionistas

Sep 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello triviskers, we are back with more presentations!

Today we will be presenting three other members of The InBetweeners music band, and this time is all about fashion!

Lights, cameras… Action!


Tanya is a 19-year-old from Eastern Europe. She is one of the group’s vocalists, and her strength relies on her perfectly sweet and melodic voice that bring to life the most romantic songs of the band.

Tanya loves the fashion world and is always ready to show off her diva appearance. Tanya can become a bit complicated with a strong personality; she still gets what she wants.

Even though she loves music and wants to succeed as a singer, she is also very interested in the modeling atmosphere. She has started to model for different brands and has become a “fashion” reference for teenagers.


A 20-year-old from North-East Asia enjoys his rich cultural heritage and loves to talk about it.

Jun is always up to date regarding technology and with the latest tendencies in fashion. He loves to choose his outfits and to be a reference for teenagers. He is always trying to be a good role model for his fans.

Always humble and charismatic Jun loves to be the center of the cameras. He is a handsome and popular boy, amiable, kind, caring, gallant, and attentive.

Jun is a singer, dancer, and pianist for The InBetweeners. His previous experience as a model and dancer has brought him closer to Tanya and Olivia. The three of them are always posing and taking pictures for their social media pages.


Olivia is a sincere, flirtatious 21-year-old. The oldest component of the group. Olivia has spent part of her childhood in North America, and part of her adolescence traveling around Europe with her first musical band.

After her appearance in a reality show competing against other singers was chosen to be the latest addition to the band.

Behind the image of a diva and sexy girl, there is as a humble and sensitive girl who writes songs and surprises with her voice.

As well as Tanya and Jun, Olivia tries to always be in the latest fashion trend but always adding her special touch.

Olivia is a singer, dancer, and bass player for the band and she loves it.

A long day of presentations triviskers! Olivia, Jun, and Tanya are excellent friends, and you will be able to see them in the trivisk game soon enough.

Remember that these characters will be ready for you to play with. Even though you can only play with one of them at a time, you can always change characters, collect them, or pair them!

There are a lot of exciting things you will be able to do with each one of them… You’ll see it!

Come back for the last round of presentations! There are three more InBetweeners that want to meet you.


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