Tink: the soul of trivisk

Sep 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Today we come back with a great story: presenting Tink, the creator of trivisk.

When humans started using Artificial Intelligence to create robots to do the big tasks nobody wanted to do; multiple factories were built to develop robots on a large scale. Tink was made with a “defect” since he acquired qualities of humanity that humans themselves were losing.

Tink programming trivisk

Tink enjoys helping humans. He used to like his job as a “helper” and spend time in nature and learning new things. However, as time passes and humans are delegating more and more stuff to robots, they are starting to not only lose their humanity but their memory too.

Robots now execute simple tasks, and people cannot remember how to do most of them. Everything is automated, and people are starting to lose memories.

Even as a robot, Tink has developed high consciousness and is aware of the situations around him, making him feel sadness, happiness, and any other human emotion.

Tink spends a lot of time in nature

Tink loves to make pranks and crazy things and spends part of his time thinking about the best situations to surprise or trick people. In his spare time, he likes to write monologues and will love to be a professional comedian one day.

Despite his reputation as a prankster, Tink is worried about the actual situation of humankind, as it begins to lose memories and its humanity little by little. Given his personality, Tink is willing to help the world from losing humanity as we know it. For this reason, Tink has been working hard to create trivisk the game.

Tink is ready to help humanity recover what they have lost, but he doesn’t want to make a tedious intervention. Remember that Tink loves jokes and wants to be a comedian… his way of helping people is unique. He wants everybody to enjoy trivisk and to learn back what they forgot in a fun and enjoyable way. That is why Tink has prepared different tools to help players annoy each other and have a fun time while remembering o even learning new things.

Selecting the first group of participants

Tink has already found his first group of “patients,” you already know them, they are the music band The InBeweeners. The best part of Tink is that he gets to understand and help many people and form long relationships with them. In this group, he has found great friends, especially two best friends that love jokes and pranks as much as him. Do you know who they are? Go back to The InBetweeners articles to figure it out!

Are you wondering if you will be able to play with Tink?

He will help you through your trivisk journey, showing you how to use specific tools and giving you tips and tricks to be the best. Sometimes, when things seem a little dull, he will jump in the game and surprise you.

Tink shopping after a hard day of working on trivisk

Tink has everything under control, but he is unpredictable, depending on his mood of the day he might help you, scare you or make things a little bit trickier. There is no fun if everything is so easy, right?

Learn more about how trivisk is getting ready on our web. We are getting closer and closer!

See you soon!


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A unique and refreshing game is coming! Here we will tell about the story and characters of the game. https://go.trivisk.com/trivisk-medium-profile

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