What I Learned from Treating Anxiety As a Friend

You’ll need to be friend with “the closest ones”

This article could be the SIGN you have been looking for.

“ You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” — anonymous

I remember when i first seen it, so vividly. It was on my laptop screen when I looked for room decor ideas. I gotta be honest, it didn’t ring any bell until the a certain period of my life. We all have heard of self-awareness, it’s already everywhere and it was a thing.

Anxiety is a normal response. It is totally normal to feel worry because of something that might have happen that isn’t part of the scenario. What’s out of the normal category is when it is excessive and it bothers a major part of your life so much to the point where it becomes the major part of your life. Some people don’t realize this until it happens to their closest people or themselves.

There are “days” when I feel the most dreadful. Then days become months of losing interest. Months become years of pushing everyone away. I thought the feelings would stop if I quiet down all the noises from outside and so I did everything to shut people out. Turns out it was the noises from the inside that bothered. It was my doubt and my fear that should.

What drive most people crazy is the fact that they can’t control themselves when it hits. So they let it hit them, sometimes hit them hard.

All we need is the action to put a stop to it. Nothing change if you do nothing. This is just something I’ve learned from my experience.


This technique is just my go-to because it’s really simple and doesn’t need much. The best way to do this is to put your one hand on your chest and the other on the belly. Then, breathe to the belly. Focus on how the air that you breath in fill them up and leave your lungs. Focus on your breathing, you may realize that your mind is busy. Take a moment to just focus on ONE thing and that is your breating. Repeat as needed.

Focus on Self-care

Most of the time we are our own best friend. So treat ourselves like we treat our best friend. Be more aware of what you feel, your goals and your desire. Take care of your skin, make sure you save time to pamper yourself, read that book or watch that movie. Just because it’s self-care doesn’t mean you can’t invite your friends to a sleepover or a trip!

Food as medicine

You are what you eat. You are a product of the food you consume. Well not literally but you get what I mean. Soda is a big NO. Not only you get cavities but it also depletes vitamins and minerals from your diet. Next up : caffeince, sugar and processed foods. Most of them contains things that we do not need in our body. Instead of waking up with coffee or eating an instant ramen try this instead. Waking up with a green tea or green juice and bring your own home-cooked healthy meal for the day and fruits for the night. Going green really helped me to get through the day.

Time to get physical

Exercise is the best way to start any day. The physical activity boosts our endhorphin, helps us sleep tight at nigh and reduce the chance to develop anxiety disorder within five years by 25%

Get help and support

If things gets out of control and you need a hand. Make sure you get the help you needed, now it’s easier to reach out. Go and find a psychologist to talk to. Every problem have a solution and if it is possible you can look for it or talk to your loved ones the pain your suffering. they would ne really glad to help you.

These all sounds really easy, trust me it isn’t. But you can always try and you can always practice. Eventually you will have the wheel to control your life.

I guess it has been a long time since it made me reach deep down into my breaking point. Long time since being in the crowd scared the hell out of me. Since it creeped in when I decline a job offer because of one thing I can’t stand and drove me nuts.

Move forward to four years ahead. Things change and are now in my past friend. But just like friends, sometimes we grow apart and we no longer be able to interact. I’ve let you have all the energy you drained. I’ve surpassed on so many great things, regardless of how small or big it was, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. But you know what, all of this would not come true if anxiety weren’t there. So here’s to you and the pressure you’ve put in me back them.

And, so that is all I have to say.