This response perfectly encapsulates exactly what this article is crying out against.
Molly Rydzel

I think my comment clearly defines how the article is inaccurate its criticism of non-HRC supporters (me). Could you explain the values you have that are so different to mine? I suspect there are not as many as you think.

Really this is just taking this argument back to the gender issue…..because you assume that it my issue with HRC. It’s an easy assumption to make, and thats exactly the problem…no matter how incorrect your assumption, there is no way to convince you this is not a gender issue for me.

In truth, I generally believe that the more women we have in politics, the safer and more tolerant the world is. Hillary Clinton, based entirely on her record and what I have witnessed from her during this campaign, is an exception to this rule. I think she represents the status quo of the USA — this is why I am not voting for her.

Let me finish on this comment (not mine) that sums it up for me:

“Is it possible Hillary Clinton is both a survivor of sexism AND a corrupt politician in the pocket of the multi-national corporate oligarchy that’s destroying the working class and the future of our country?

The answer is of course yes. And it’s not only possible: it’s the truth.”