Millennial Voices: Opening Up in the Face of Brexit

Dear Millennials,

My name is Tristan, I’m a millennial from the UK.

I’m developing a documentary about our age group that explores the seeming disparity between our belief system and that of older generations, identifying the importance of where we stand in history, and inspiring us to nurture the dream of a better world.

Two days after the UK’s shock-vote to exit the EU seems like a good time to vent and process this relevant topic. This post is an invitation for you to share your thoughts and feelings on video; a space to hear from any Millennial with an opinion, but particularly those living in the UK (Millennials are anyone born between 1980–2000).

I will place all videos received above this post in an effort to share our (often disregarded) feelings about Brexit and Western Millennialism more broadly.

If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve written some questions below. Please record your video, upload it to YouTube, and share your link in the comments below.


  • Describe the moment you learned the UK voted LEAVE and your first feelings
  • Does the LEAVE vote symbolise something greater than politics and economics to you? If so, what is it?
  • Has this outcome changed your feelings about being a UK citizen and/or a European? Is ‘citizenship’ important to you?
  • Young voters were overwhelmingly in favour of REMAIN —why do you think this happened? How does it make you feel about your age group?
  • If you were to describe the disconnect between older people and younger people in your society, how would you boil it down?

Here is a video of me to show my own face is part of this too:

Post your video in the comments below, or email me a link on I will start posting the raw video above, and will edit a montage version if / when I receive enough!

Your video may be selected for use in an upcoming documentary, but I will contact for your permission if/when this happens.

With compassion and boundless idealism,