Try to love again

There doesn’t have true love
(Not her)

Love! Suck!

It is about 2 year ago went my ex-gf and i broke up and until now i still remembered that felling, that pain. I’m the one who broke up with her but you know what, i had to do that cuz i had to chance the school far far away from her. And, i was scared that felling I thought this would make she hurt felling. But in the the next month she already have a new bf. And, suddenly i know her and her bf was finding when we still in love :) FUCK HER.

B.s.n.l (bull shits and lie)

There is no such things name true love here.

That what I think before i met her. 2 days ago i met a girl who also my ex-crush and it very awkward when i get the last i cream was also what she like most. I bet from here u guys can guessed what happened next right! So, i am falling in love again cuz she is so so amazing, she cute, short, youger than me, really love travel like me and all I could said that she is perfect for me.

Just don’t. I make a mistake again, am i?
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