They did it. From the US to France.

tl;dr: this team is awesome.

Today I received a letter.

It wasn’t a letter like any other. It came from San Francisco, US.

Orange color + San Francisco …

So far anyone from the tech industry should have guessed from whom it was.

You nailed it: Product Hunt!

As an early product hunter, I had the chance last year to give my address to PH so that they can send stickers. Living in France, I always thought that I wouldn’t receive anything … until today.

They did it. I got one. In France. From the US.

Not all companies afford to send over an entire ocean stickers for their early adopters. PH did.

So far, I was thrilled and excited.

It wasn’t over!

They sent me a handwritten note!

Not only they sent something over the Atlantic, they also wrote it. That means a lot — for me and for them. They took the time needed so that as a user I feel I’m part of the adventure.

For sure, this kind of letter isn’t unique. Still it’s incredibly kind to involve your users even more than they already are.

Ryan, Erik, Andreas, Nicole, Lukas, Riccardo, Zack, Jonno & Dave:

THANK YOU, You’re pretty awesome