Last year we shared some thoughts about growing ideas with Design Sprints, during Subvisual’s Summer Camp. This year, due to the pandemic circumstances, Summer Camp is 100% remote, but we decided to embrace the challenge of making a remote Design Sprint anyway. None of us mentors had experience running it like this, but we wanted to make sure our mentees would learn, enjoy, and understand the framework and its benefits, since our focus is the process over outcomes.

Where to start?

Structuring, planning and not complicating what we know. There’s no need to reinvent the process. Our team has well-established remote working processes…

Last updated on April, 3

Almost everyone is now facing social isolation due to covid-19, so we made a list of stuff we can all do at home that can help us overcome boredom, keep your anxiety levels down and stay motivated to do things.

It’s normal to feel powerless and overwhelmed, but within all this chaos, we can still find some inner peace with small tasks and some activities.

Keep a routine

Create a new daily routine that prioritises looking after yourself. You may not feel like doing stuff you used to do, and that’s ok. Do not punish yourself for not…

Continuous learning is an adopted philosophy in our company that allows us to expand our knowledge, ideas and our skill-set on an on-going basis. Reading is one of our main tools, and it is also imperative when we are keen to see things in a new light and take that next leap.

This is a reading list of our team’s most recent favorite picks, we hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

1984 — George Orwell

Recommended by Francisco Sousa, Software Developer

Summer is over and so is our Summer Camp internship program. Ângela recently graduated in Digital Media Design, and Pedro, currently doing a master’s in software engineering, joined our team in July and stayed with us for nine weeks. It was such a ride. The first week started with some 1–1’s to get to know each other, a meeting to align steps for the first weeks, and a team lunch to break the ice. This was the very start of our Summer Camp project, and we want to share a bit of what we’ve accomplished.

Since the best way to…

Andreas Gursky (Paris, Montparnasse, 1993)

The definition of creativity itself has been changing a lot through time. The romantics used to associate it with the idea of an eccentric genius. Creativity occurred only inside his head, making it exclusive of arts and sciences. Somebody outside these areas couldn’t consider oneself creative.

Later on, creativity abandoned the exclusive focus on the individual genius. It started to become associated with everyday activities. The concept was simple: everything we hear, see and surround us influence the things we create. That intersection of ideas between ourselves and others is what makes creativity happen.

Most of us are still influenced…

Inês Silva

👩‍💻 Designer at 〰️ 🧠

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