Philosophy On What It Means to Be Human & The Time We Have On Earth

Thomas Rodriguez
Jul 13 · 5 min read

The Individual Human

A human being has a responsibility. Time measures opportunity. All opportunities that come to us in this life come within patterns of time. Every occasion has its obligations. The complete picture of any given life of a human being is an opportunity with responsibilities.


Time is the most remarkable dimension within which we reside throughout our daily lives in this world. Time vanishes into eternity, and beyond life, as lived now, and as you are reading these words. Very few of us know and understand that our lives in this time dimension can become very important and necessary to the part of the universal plan to which we belong.

Life Has a Purpose With a Price

We are here for a purpose. We are not born to wander around in aimless chaos for a few years and disappear. There is a reason we are here. Most people are not aware of this reason.

As a consequence, they are always in conflict with the plan to which they belong, and of which they are a part. Consequently, it is proper and essential for us to recognize that this life is an opportunity with a price on it. We are here to grow right now, and to most people, growth sounds rather unpleasant.

Responsibility For Personal Growth & Potential

We are not inclined to think of growth amid the burdens of duty and responsibility, which are great frustrations to many. This entire mortal life is frustration. A lot of people see no reason for their existence and no justice. So what happens to them? These folks make life very hard for themselves and contribute to the misfortunes of others. It is wiser to realize that when we come into this world, we come in to learn. We come to grow and to understand most of all, how to unfold our inner potential. We have no real idea of what possibilities remain hidden and locked inside of ourselves.

Human Potential is Limitless

We know that occasionally a genius arises, and is remembered by others as a person of superb talents or abilities. However, with a world of over 7 billion people, one quickly comes to realize that human potential is limitless. We not only have an extraordinary power within ourselves, but we share the power of all other living things; therefore, there is no limit to the unfoldment of ourselves.

Institutional Valuation Destroys Human Potential

If we wish to make a project of growing more likely, then we need to make a project of complaining about happening to be in this world under the present conditions. There seems to be a just reason for complaint. The powers that are administering our material society are not aware either of their destiny or the purpose for anything else. They live within a very narrow concept of material existence. The world as it is today, measures people in terms of time allotments at ten dollars an hour, or fifty dollars an hour, or a thousand dollars per hour we work.

Over Time: The Strange & Predictable Consequences

When we can no longer fulfill the affliction of our labors, we retire, and then for a time, enjoy or suffer from Social Security. Many people sort of drift through this world, working as much as they have to. They create debts which they have to pay. They raise families which they have to educate to integrate a pattern of specialized abilities which will remain with them as long as they live. They will work many hours every day and will complain of the fact that their talents are not recognized; that appreciation lacks, and very often within the family unit that they are not understood.

Pressures & Escape

All of these situations constitute the pressures of living to escape from the forces that people work considerable time to develop. Certain side aptitudes, probably the most important one at present, is the ability to sit for hours in front of some variation of light emitting technology that delivers all variety of information to our attention. Anyone who can do this has a tremendous amount of something, but it is not intelligence. We have certain kinds of escapes. We escape from the problems of life by viewing imitation replicas of them on the entertainment level. We follow sports, we try to keep up with the news but are somewhat baffled and at the end of the day, we fall into bed and wait for time to pass so that we can start another day, just the same now if this was the real reason for living.

Debate: Is There a Purpose?

There arises sufficient reason to suspect that the materialist is right. There is no purpose in anything, but the materialist is unable to prove his point because they are talking about something living. They are talking about a being that has within itself a vast diversity of abilities and choice of attitudes — a being capable of possessing a real education and achievement in many fields. Perhaps, a potential musician or artist, we do not know what is in this being, but we know that they have come here. Also, they are partially developed, have some abilities and many infirmities: they seem to be going nowhere, but they are moving forever along the road of time. Time is the measure of their duration in this dimension of existence.

Do Not Become Prisoners of Meaninglessness

One would suspect that there is a real purpose for life and that it is by one cause or another. We see that this purpose is being frustrated every day. Also, it becomes evident that many people who might have had a valid purpose, have been frustrated by circumstance and forced to join others in a comparatively meaningless existence. In realizing these things, it seems that those who wish to prove that life is significant must take hold of their abilities. They are responsible for grabbing hold of themselves to develop and release their talents and capacities, including attaining higher dimensions of consciousness, which will go to enrich their lives.

True Grit: Problem Solving Builds Character & Integrity

Inevitably, problems will come about. The primary reason they must be solved is that finding the solution to the problem is one way in which the inherent potential of the human being releases itself into reality. If there were no problems, we would probably sit back in the condition of perpetual inertia. We are forced to meet circumstances. We are forced to devise ways of achieving a certain measure of comfort or security. We are constantly challenged to grow, and the rewards of life are mainly reserved for those who have grown in one way or another. Sometimes it is only economic growth or skills, but they have their rewards, and a well-lived life has a substantial reward if we can achieve this level of insight.

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