Wales can’t be Independent

So here I am working to bring a ‘Festival of Independence’ to Cardiff when I suddenly feel my rebellious spirit stirring and I want to rebel against independence itself.

This idea of any country becoming “independent”— it’s just not realistic! What I mean by this is that we don’t exist in isolation, not as people, not as a country. Even at levels where we can practically isolate ourselves, the results are pretty undesirable — how many volunteers to go live wild in the woods? How about a move to North Korea?

People seeking “independence” are most times just after healthy interdependence. Depending on each other is not a bad thing! It brings us closer, it builds communities and it teaches us to value and respect each other. That’s good. That’s definitely good! What is a bad thing is being trapped in dependent relationships that limit our freedoms and give others undue power over us. That is why diversity is so important, diversity creates options, and options mean that we’re able to walk away from bad relationships and to be resilient and adaptable in the face of changes we don’t anticipate. 
So I might not believe a country can be “independent” but I believe it can feel independent. I believe that Cymru can feel independent, if it’s willing to go from being just rebellious to being truly revolutionary, if it starts thinking outstide the box of “referendums and experts”. I’ve read too many articles focusing on the hypothetical mechanics of extracting “Wales” from “England & Wales” when in reality that all depends on Wales being granted some kind of (most likely divisive) referendum followed by Brexit-like indecision and in-fighting.

If you want to be more independent, you should not go asking permission. Instead of entering into conjecture about a future Wales, we need to be discussing how to start building it today — what can we already do to make Cymru and its communities more independent, more resilient and more diverse — and ultimately less depedent on England and on Government in general? The “Age of Westiminster” will come to an end one day, but the world is already changing and the revolution starts ever morning.
I hope that after attending #IndyFest you will come away feeling inspired to put your energies into projects that make our environment, economy and communities more diverse and through your future actions build a nation that feels independent.