Bookmarking Google Tools with multiple users

I use a lot of google tools throughout my work day, but also at home.

So because of that, and because I use the same computer and even the same browser, I’m most of the time logged in to several Google Accounts.

Google handles this with most of it’s apps by adding /u/<NUMBER> to the url. Here’s some examples.


/u/0 indicates the first user signed in with google oAuth in your browser and /u/1 will be the next user and so forth.

So because the number is allocated to the account in the order you log in, it can switch. And if you use bookmarks like I do, one bookmark could all of a sudden switch from being work related to personal.

Wonder if the number can be substituted by a username?

It can! or

Since we use Google Apps Suite at work the full email address is needed. myprivateaccount, is a regular gmail account so you can leave out the part.

Given that you’re logged in on both accounts this will forward you to what ever /u/<NUMBER> the given account is affiliated with in your current browser.

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