How Modernization of Clogs Led To Their Increased Popularity

Clogs have been around for centuries, yet it was only in the late 1970s and 1980s that they became mainstream fashion accessories. Clogs are one of the few unisexual footwear available in the market which are popular among both the sexes.

In spite of them being unisexual, clogs for men have lower heel height while fashionable women’s clogs have high heels. High-heeled clogs can be sometimes be as high as 6 or even 8 inches.

History of Clog Design

In earlier times, clogs were made completely of wood. Those clogs were designed as wooden shoes that covered the entire feet, and were worn mostly by miners, farmers and factory workers. Clogs were quite strong, the raw material (wood) was readily available, which offered excellent feet protection. Hence they never truly went out of use.

Later, in the 1970s and 1980s, clogs were reintroduced in the market in new forms that saw the original full-wooden construction being replaced by part-wood construction. The new clogs had wooden soles, with upper straps made of durable fabric. Different styles were introduced over the years, such as clog boots, clog sandals and clog Toffels.

Clog sandals were also referenced in the Hindu mythology as the footwear of Gods such as Lord Ram, Lord Vishnu and numerous saints.

The ‘Style’ Difference

Everyone loves good-looking and sturdy footwear. All that was needed for clogs for men and women to be a hit was an upgradation of their looks according to the current fashion trends. While the wooden sole is more or less the same, the open uppers gave manufacturers the freedom to experiment more with their designs like addition of simple straps or intricately-detailed upper designs.

The Clog Advantage

Clogs have numerous advantages over other footwear, which further increases their popularity among the masses.

· Clogs are made of wood, which is a natural insulator. Clogs prevent transfer of heat between the feet and surroundings, keeping the feet warm even in cold winters. Hence, clog boots are suitable for wearing during winters.

· Clogs use treated wood to make them waterproof and to extent their longevity. Usually the wood in clogs is treated on all sides except the one that is in contact with the feet.

· Clogs are rigid, thus provide better body posture. They help to correct the alignment of the spine, which in turn helps in improving back support.

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