Reasons Why Wooden Clogs are still Sought-After by Women

It seems wooden clogs were destined to set a trend and one of the individuals credited for making this happen is world-renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. He is known to have mixed high fashion wooden clogs with fake tattoos at one of his runway shows for Chanel. However, this trend quickly caught up with the world, as wooden clogs for sale could be found everywhere; here, when speaking about the “world”, Europe cannot be included. This is because the people of Europe and Scandinavia have been wearing them for quite some time now. Thus, the world was just beginning to experience what Scandinavia and Europe already had for ages.

The Origins of Wooden Clogs

The shape of wooden clogs can be recognized by anyone today because of its distinctiveness. However, the precise origins of the design is not known. One of the oldest surviving pairs of wooden clogs were found in the cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam of The Netherlands.

It was here that the first ‘Clog Makers Guild’ was founded in the later part of the 17th century. The Dutch have been wearing wooden clogs for the past seven hundred years and despite the cultural differences, they are today worn the world over.

During the early years, they were worn mainly as a form of protective footwear by the peasants and the workers of the manufacturing and mining sectors.

The most prominent feature happened to be the base of the clog which were made of wood such as Birch, Beech, Willow, Alder or Sycamore as these were easily found and did not split. This made them inexpensive and durable — features which everyone looks for.

The Design of Wooden Clogs

The design of clogs has undergone changes with the passage of time but the functionality of these wooden clogs for sale has still remained the same.

Keeping a few aspects of the original design still intact, wooden clogs for sale today consist of an open-back design with the base being made of wood.

While there are variations to this, it is this particular design which is most popular and sought after when it comes to modern day clogs.

Wooden clogs have thus come a long way from being worn by the working classes of the society to becoming the highlight of the best fashion designers of the industry. What further add to their appeal are their easy-to-wear nature and durability which have remained unchanged through the centuries.

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