Wooden Clogs Have Been Successful in Striking the Right Chord With Men

Clogs are reigning the shoe stable. Coming into prominence in the 70’s, clogs have stood the test of time and have evolved as a glitzy fashion accessory. Favored mostly by women as an alternative to stilettos, clogs are now being worn by men too.

Whether you are heading out for office or gearing up for a special occasion like a birthday party, clogs enhance your appearance by a few notches. Clogs come in a slew of designs and forms.

You can get spoilt for choice if you have a look at the variety that clogs have to offer and can find it tough to find the right clog for your dress.

A Rich History

Well, it is true that most of us have scant knowledge about the origin of clogs and how they are made. So, I would like to share some tit-bits of information which you will cherish the next time you head into the showroom to buy a pair. You will admire the hard work that went into it to make it a glam fashion accessory as of now.

The history about clogs takes us back to the Greek and Roman times in the 13th century when clogs were mostly made of untreated wood and were prone to water damage. Mostly used by the lower strata of the society which consisted of peasants and farmers, clogs rose up the social ladder during the 18th century and were mostly worn by aristocrats and head dignitaries of state.

In the 70’s and 80’s, Swedish clogs came to the fore and they became an instant hit. In the 90’s, with the introduction of heeled clogs, they became a thing of fashion.

How They are Made?

Clogs are mostly handmade. In older times, wood was mostly used to craft the structure of a clog. Though in recent times, leather and rubber are used for the upper portions and the sole is made of wood.

So how are the wooden clogs made? The wood is first dried to deprive it of moisture and then wood is shaped according to the foot size. The upper leather is checked thoroughly and then stitched or nailed to the wooden sole. Then the clog is dyed to give a lasting impression.

Men Have taken to Wooden Clogs

Wooden clogs protect the feet better than other shoes because they are durable and ergonomically designed. They also serve as an insulator for the feet in winter. You can run along wearing them and flaunt them with ease at your business place or at a casual occasion. Most of the clogs now are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.

Men had at first dilly-dallied with the idea of wearing wooden clogs since the footwear was mostly popular with women. But of late, they have embraced the latest fashion mantra and are carrying them well enough. Men wooden clogs are mostly flat-based and cover the whole foot.

Wooden clogs have caught up with men very well. The shoes have emboldened their fashion statement and are popular among different professions. Clogs have maintained their versatile appeal and men can effortlessly steal the show with them.

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