8 Tips To Choose The Best Boat Rental

It is obvious that once you choose the option of boat rental in Croatia Split, you will get a chance of enjoying a good and carefree time in water without any sort of down payment, docking bills or monthly loans. There is no need of seasonal maintenance as well. This is a great way of trying a location, new lake or a model and that too at minimum cost. You need to pay couple hundred bucks daily but still it is cheaper than that of the operating and ownership costs; when you choose boat rental from Trogir for multiple days, you can avail some more discounts as well. Given below are 8 tips that will help you find the perfect boat rental;

1. How to find a good boat rental company?

Check the web for “Boat rentals” and also the region and destination. The tourism office or the local chamber must be contacted. This local marina might have some local fleet.

2. Size and type of the boat

The size of the boat depends on the match between local rentals and waterway. A deck boat or a day cruiser is good for touring. Fishing boat or pontoon is good for bigger crowds. Be clear with the rental company about the plans; the best match will surely be offered. You can also opt for boat tours from Split.

3. How to get to the boat?

There are good chances that a trailerable boat being brought. After all, the vehicle might not be capable or equipped. If not trailerable easily, it can be moored.

4. Rental agreement keeps varying

There is a variation in the rental agreement; they vary. Some might put a limit on the launch ramp while some might put a limit on how much to travel. Sometimes, you are banned from towing skiers or tubes or operating the boat. When it comes to normal wear and tear, the company must take the responsibility. Damages that are caused will be taken care by them. Check how weather dictated cancellations are done.

5. Insurance

The liability coverage of the rental company must be listed properly in the agreement. Often, you shall accept the responsibility including motor, boat and damage; however, some time must be spared in reading the agreement. Obviously, have an attorney or the insurance agent scroll through it.

6. Vessel check

Before you accept the keys, the boat should be examined for scratches, prop damage, windshield cracks, loose or broken fittings and also other things. Who would like to be blamed during the billing time. The things should be listed before signing the agreement.

7. Is the driver qualified?

All states have different requirements of age for boat operators. Many a times, boating safety course is needed too. Check if the company is having any rules for the drivers. Many a times, companies hire only experienced and qualified drivers.

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