2017 Social Marketing Predictions

1. The Rise of Dark Social Tracking

  • As ROI measurement continues to be a hot topic for brands, social and digital teams will need to start monitoring dark social posts more heavily to round out the whole digital ROI enchilada. Capturing this data will help to prove that social posts with links back to websites and especially e-commerce pages are being shared through dark social links shared privately via apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even mobile texts.

2. Brands Highlight Instagram as their Top Social Property

  • Engagement levels continue to spike on Instagram, as brands see more than ten times the amount of engagement compared to Facebook and over fifty times the engagement compared to Twitter. Do you really want to connect with your customers? Leverage your Instagram feed along with user-generated content (AKA UGC) to spike your engagement metrics.

3. Chatbots Usher in New Era of Customer Care

  • As Apple’s Siri and even Amazon’s Alexa start to become more mainstream in 2017, people are getting used to assistants and bots answering simple questions. Look for brands to integrate chatbots into their website and even into their social feeds to help in answering common questions and even helping to complete reservations and e-commerce orders. Automated customer care starts to become tolerated and even accepted by consumers.

4. Influencer Marketing Goes Smaller but Better

  • With influencer-based marketing continuing to grow in popularity, micro-influencers with very niche communities start to steal a bigger piece of the pie. The argument is that micro-influencers provide a higher quality consumer match within these smaller communities. Think NBC (influencer with a huge national following) versus Cooking Channel (micro-influencer with specific niche target demo).

5. Millennials Split Up

  • The millennial generation will begin to be split by brands into two distinct target demographics. While the name is TBD, these “older millennials” or “aging millennials” (maybe “millenniolds” — someone already snagged the Twitter handle) will become a hot topic of discussion as their influence and affluence grows and becomes a key target for brands.
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