So, let us look at this in sections:
Bernard Rizzo

0. Look, I get it, what they’re saying deeply offends you. That doesn’t change the fact that the people he was looking to punch in the face are by and large not Nazis. They are American conservatives. Conflating the two is wrong at best.

  1. The US did not take military action against Nazi Germany until Nazi Germany declared war on the US. In fact, the US sent an African American to win the Olympic games hosted by the Nazis and laughed in their faces.
  2. The Nazis only gained power because protesters tried to shut them down violently, which lead to the creation of the Brown Shirts and in turn allowed the Nazis to take over the government. The Nazis did not win in the free market of ideas. Hitler never won an election. Allowing Nazis to speak is the best way to stop them.
  3. They’re doing almost nothing, and it doesn’t matter what they’re saying. If they want to sound like idiots, let them sound like idiots and point it out. Using violence will only provoke violence.
  4. They’re only talking, not annexing Czechoslovakia and occupying the Rhineland. That’s a false equivalency.
  5. They aren’t Nazis. The US invaded Europe to stop the spread of communism. The Soviets were already winning in the European theater by the time the Western Allies invaded. The invasion of France was militarily unnecessary to defeat the Wehrmacht.
  6. When have they ever said that? Have you ever listened to one of Yiannopoulos’s talks? He’s wrong about most of the things he’s saying, but he’s never called for genocide.
  7. You’ll never consider anything I say. I’m probably a Nazi to you because I don’t think punching people in the face is an appropriate response to being offended.
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