2010–05–28, evening river cruise Moscow south — Konstantinovo.

Cruise line at Moskva river down from Moscow operates only in may and june, due to low water levels. Photos from 2010, MS Bashkortostan.

MS Bashkortostan, MS Anna Akhmatova
Friday 1700— Sunday 20⁴⁵
MS Anna Akhmatova will be burned, MS Slavyanov will be renamed
Moscow South Freight River Terminal, mostly time disused
Long-range ship in Moscow river
Pererva lock
Brateevo, last houses of Moscow
Trudkomunna lock
Trudkomunna dam
A back view to second ship in row at S-cruve of Moscow river
Lytkarino city skyline
Andreevskoye locks

Interior of 3-beds cabin

And most of river cruise — night lock. Sofrino.