Ramenskoe maglev test track

In 1980-s in USSR a maglev transport were development. A short test track was build near Ramenskoe town. This facility was shown on TV and appeared in little-known film.

Scene at 1:45 filmed in 1987 at hangar on test track.

Of course maglev development in USSR was stoped in late 1980-s, but luckly, test track was not demolished. Exact location of it was unknown.

In 2012, while tracing my dacha surrounds in Openstreetmap, i found on Bing satellite imagery this maglev test track and hangar, which seen at 1980-s photos. It location is http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/55.6006/38.2816

In 2015 I came to this place on a bicycle. Through the fence, nothing was visible, but I checked that the hangar building is the same as in the photos.

In 2017, I learned that the southern part of the territory is open to the public, there is trade in construction materials on it. And then I bought a drone, and was able to take photos of the most interesting place.