Tumskaya narrow gauge railway

End of 2007 — trip to Tumskaya — Glolovanova dacha railway. The one train runs only in nights. Some years later this railway was closed by RZD.

Arrived by broad gauge by suburban train Vladimir — Tumskaya
Locomotive depot Tumskaya, with 1520 mm M62 class, and one 750 mm TU7 at left
Shunting operations in Tumskaya before depart, circa 0:00
A tourists in 750 mm car.
Next station is Gureevskyy. Shunting for change train direction.

After two hours through forest we arrived at Golovanova Dacha village. In was fully dark. There was an rail wye and abandoned station building.

Photos was maked by Canon point-and-shoot camera with CHDK program, it extends maximum exposure up to 60 seconds, witch was wery useful at night forest.

We stay in warm car until depatrue back at 4.

A morning train in Tumskaya was synchronized with buses to Moscow and Ryazan. We going futurer to Ryazan.

Ryazan bus LiAZ-677M