The Power Struggle

Gloria Steinem during an interview with Bill Maher says — Men gain power & Women lose power as they age. That’s why you’ll often find men getting more conservative & women getting more radical as they grow old.

And, it’s a common observation that people with power often tend to be careful about what they speak & how they act. Because, there is a cost associated with speech — the words you speak can be interpreted in hundreds of ways and you’ll be always judged by the actions of the extreme of your followers and as observed lately in certain cases, you could be held accountable for it too.

On the other hand, people without power tend to form groups, because you know, unity is power, and when people come in groups their collective IQ always drops to the lowest common denominator. Therefore, they act like a bunch of squealing pigs, full of sound and fury, anything but sense. Collectivism is a sham. It never improve an argument, but accounts for high noise levels. If you come in group, you can definitely bully people into doing something which they don’t intend to.

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