Introducing TurboTron: A TRX reflective token with immense utility.

TurboTrons Assemble!

Our mission here at TurboTron is to bring our fellow TurboTrons on an intergalactic adventure through the stratosphere and to the moon! Join us on our journey on our tronbikes, fueled by $TurboTRX as we drift through space.

What is TurboTron?

TurboTron (Symbol: TurboTRX) is a next generation auto-rewards token built-on Binance Smart Chain. It generates Tron (TRX) rewards for TurboTRX token holders. 100% completely community-driven, the project team aims to build a Turbo-Ecosystem made by the community for the community. TurboTRX will therefore be a utility token to run the ecosystem with a marked deviation from just being a reflective token.

Turbo-Ecosystem will change the scene of how auto-rewards projects are viewed and will pioneer a shift in creating a full utility platform of integrated blockchain products which includes but not limited to an NFT marketplace and Game – lotto. We are already in the process of exploring gaming competition for our community with an earn while you play concept. Our future NFT marketplace will seek to bridge Binance NFT marketplace and OpenSea. There is a gap in a rarity check application for Binance Smart Chain and we aim to fill that gap.

Built for the community, run by the community with current lowest transaction fee of 10% per transaction.

Tell me more about how our Tronbikes work?

TurboTron in its current form is a reflective token which auto generates dividend to users in Tron (TRX). It is a BSC BEP20 token and holders are rewarded in earnings for holding their tokens. Users pay 10% transaction fee and out of that 7% is redistributed to holders per transaction. You get rewards based on volume i.e. when transactions are made.

Rewards get accumulated by the hour and subsequently distributed to holders at critical volumes. This helps save on transaction cost ensuring that holder’s rewards are maximized. The project is at a stealth launch stage and current holders are poised to reap the most when transaction volumes exponentially increase at project launch. More utility is planned for the token (such as game lotto) and transactions translates to more rewards for holders. A unique component of the token is a rewards based referral bonus. This entails holders get more rewards as their referral links are deployed in purchasing the token.

Fun fact: You continuously get your rewards no matter how long it takes, we always pay the correct % as this component is hardwired into the contract.

What is next? How do I get involved?

Good question…Keep up to date with these resources:

  • TurboTron Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:

Contract Details:

TurboTRX: 0xd8d69b148ab930349c832b31ecbb64dc24ccc865

Poocoin Chart:




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